50 bones to blow$$$


which one of these mother lovers should I buy?


I would say the legendary incubator I mean free legendary guaranteed.


Okay, so another question to start a new topic. This is the 1st app game I have found a real interest in. So mainly being on the Xbox. Most games rarity scale is:

Purple:2nd best
Orange: cooking with bacon grease :muscle::muscle:

In this game what is the best?


Don’t waste your money on this game, you’ll just be disappointed… Trust me, I’ve already wasted enough of my own. Buy an Xbox game, it’ll be more satisfying…


Lol thank you for the honesty mate! I’d buy you a beer if I could.


I noticed this is a different color system i know what you mean though grey, green, blue, purple, orange, red but it goes as:
Green-Unique (Indoraptor, & other Hybrids from Hybrids)


Thanks mate👌 Confusion gone.