50$ for a legendary incubator are they nuts


Who the heck in the right mind will pay 50$ for 200 legendary DNA get real !! I hope no one pays this for a game ridiculous !! I thought Pokémon go was not cheap but they are way cheaper then this damn game it’s a money pig !! Don’t. Buy this so they have to make them cheaper!!

Price of incubators
Stop wasting money on this game

Couldn’t agree more!


Don’t worry some noob will buy it in hopes for something special. Like a rare triceratops turd :poop:


I saw someone in a battle an hour or 2 ago with 2 fresh level 16 legendaries. My einia level 20 had fun, with both of them (pretty much a one shot haha). 80% of the legendaries are pretty much unobtainable if you only play in your own region (there are 4 dinosaur spawn regions…) So… Good luck participating in events and playing the game; thats the only way forward. :wink:


I know right!! Like it really ticks me off these gaming companies taking advantage of the dopamine fix we get off these games it’s basically an addiction no lie I’ve studied this in the past few months . Pokémon go and jurassic world alive but seems to me jurassic world alive is taking it another step with this money pigness lol it’s a shame but I have no problem adding 30$ for coins to level up but I’ll never ever buy these stupid over priced incubators . The other thing you gotta understand is half the best Dino’s are free to get they aren’t legendarys or unique . I mean yes they are awesome to have but man you can get some pretty decent hybrids for free don’t waste your money on these incubators we get them free for battles and use ur money for speed ups or coinage for leveling spend it smart.

As for jurassic world alive - get real change your pricing on these incubators I could see maybe 9.99$ or 14.99 for a decent one but 50$ holy smokes!!



I have legendarys from creating hybrids I’ll wait for the rest of they aren’t available through that way of creating most my Dino’s pretty much kick butt anyways I don’t even use 3 legendarys only epic and rares mostly and have no problems winning I’m leveling a dino up now for 30,000 coins and another for 20,000 and they are way better then any legendary I’ve seen . It’s the uniques that will be hard to get almost impossible or will take forever unless your blowing 1000’s of bucks on the game like a douche lol


I’m leveling mine up now for 30,000 coins


Boom :boom: and I’m leveling it up again lmao best dino in the game or one of them


Just so any noobs are reading best time to spend is when leveling up yourself they offer a sweet deal usuallly . I just got a incubator rare with 25,000 coins and 500 dino bucks and more DNA for 6.99 that’s one of the best ways to spend and when you go to a new map or stage I guess you would call it. Those are best times to get deals besides using ur doe for coinage for leveling that’s the way to go and I’m sure everyone can agree​:+1::canada:



I would have considered £5 GBP perhaps but 5000 cash is much more than that, I think maybe around £38 GBP or $50 US.

The greed is real. Unfortunately, there will be people who pay this so it won’t get cheaper :frowning:


This game will die fast. I thought the ads would be enough to generate income for Ludia but apparently they are no better than Niantic when it comes to player friendly events and offers. No thanks, I’ll be waiting for The Walking Dead Our World now, hopefully the developers at Next Games are paying attention to the failures of the other AR games. I can’t even login to Pokemon Go half the time anymore.


Pokémon Go do events all the time now - I play it a lot and the microtransactions are nowhere near as bad as this game.

This is classic skinnerware preying upon people’s addictions:


I will not buy this! 50$ ist way too much! I get my Dinos by just playing the game and using my chances during events.


Any raptor kills eniasuchus


But us spreading the word will help a bit ! Please people do not support this cost of incubators this must change . 5000 coins (50$) us for 200 legendary DNA ( also it doesn’t even garentee that it’s one dino so is it even unlocking a dino that’s a legendary and is this legendary random or even a good one!? You have no idea what your getting and at 200 DNA for 50$ us that’s a rip off crime!! Don’t support this write about it and write again until they realize they can’t do this. I’ll be posting in my Facebook group and talking to a few people that work for Facebook to get this talked about or posted . I’ll post in twitter and I don’t even use it I’ll keep talking about it that’s how things get changed. 50$ is crazy 14.99$-19.99 maximum these are worth and not 200 legendary DNA more like 400 is proper and they must garentee that the person will unlock a legendary dino from the incubator!! That’s very important what’s the point of a incubator if you don’t unlock a dino they would do that too so you would have to buy another one !! Think about it!!

Anyways maybe they will stop being money pigs and taking advantage of players of our dopamine fixes


Dude are you a beginner because every raptor I fight of the top of a fight against me dies. And that’s a garentee unlees the raptors got a 1400+ health and the attack to go with. No raptor can take my einiasuchus at level 20 even when I was at level 17 I destroyed the raptor before I died. P

You must be using your raptor at a low stage are you even at stage lockdown or level 7 . ? I’m at level 10 and bouncing back and fourth from 3050 points to 2900 points .


I must admit when I saw the pink incubator earlier I thought it was ridiculous - approx £40 using their vault ‘special offer’. Its totally insane! This game has gone nuts with the costs of their in game purchases. I had no issues buying packages when they were reasonably priced but I am totally done paying for this game. I shall take my sweet time and do it the long winded way!!


I haven’t seen a raptor above 1300 health yet which would be level 18-19 I’m guessing no need in having him that high before you get your hybrid out of him Obviously dude… a raptor comes in handy but I laugh when I see people coming out with him to startl first match cause the noobs always do it’s stupid best idea is bringing in a tank like the pic of the dino above or a high armour and Defense dino To start March . My team doesn’t have a dino below level 13-14 now most my Dino’s are above level 10 if the aren’t it’s for a reason but anyways raptors are good when you use at the right time . That goes for any dino TIMING is the key. Any decent player knows this .

Cheers mate


I’m at 2900 trophies atm. Eniasuchus can’t take 2 hits from a raptor equal level. Nor can it one shot a raptor that pounced it (without lucky crit). Just because you’re eniasuchus kills underlevelled Raptors doesnt mean it’s better than them. It’s in the 50-75% range not top 25%


Your right my friend they are crazy!!
I love the response we’re getting for this so they can see!! Not that it will change but I will keep at it when I see a lame offer crazy price I will responde for support from everyone on the forum. You won’t see them response to this tho