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$50 for a T-Rex incubator!


Wow! Seriously guys. $15-20, that’s an impulse buy, but $50? That’s like family decision money. We make a good amount of money and have spent $20 on this and have the VIP, but $50 is a hard stop and for only T-Rex?

That’s five months of VIP. And what am I getting for that VIP? 33% extra range, minimal discounts on T-Rex incubators, and that’s it.


It has 500x for T-Rex then another regular epic incubator on top of that. But it’s still over priced 70$ is crazy. That’s their response to our complaints about prices


Actually it has a bit more money and DNA then a regular epic plus the 500x for T. rex


But still 70$ LOL :joy: !!!


The bad thing is that people will buy it because it has a garanteed t-rex. For that price you can get yourself a premium pc game after it is released. If this continues i expect the game to bleed to death within months, but who cares if they made a big profit.


Yeah I mean it’s incredibly selfish. Even if someone has saved up the bucks they have to actually spend the real money to get it. I wish the devs would stop making this game pay to win


So you get a little more. I think my main point and feeling is that $50 or $70 is a lot for any family/person. As others have said it’s the cost of a console/pc game.


That’s crazy. Well, I bought two or three times “one time” offer, it was ok priced. But that’s insane! I’m payable player, I can spend money for games that I like and which are well made. I do support devs even when it’s not p2w and just some ingame decoration. But from now, I WON’T SPEND ANY CENT for this game anymore until they change their politick.

If you do the same, just like this post.


Probably to snipe those who end up with really bad luck in their 3 attempts on the Rex. (twice it escaped on me. 4 darts and 5 darts in)


I just saw it now and omg £50 for an incubator again :scream: The pink legendary one also works out £40 to buy with the special vault sale thing. It’s just sad to me, I love this game and was happy to buy packages when they were between £5 and £20 but I wont even consider spending this much for one tiny package on a mobile game. They are releasing 'specials’and asking me for £50 around 4 times a week now for goodness sake!!


I’m done with this game. That’s was the last straw. Between the battles I can no longer get passed because of either cheaters or being overwhelmingly overpowered and having to spend $50 just to get a decent dino…I’ve had enough. It’s not even fun anymore. Thanks for the AMC drop, it gave me a chance, but that’s where it ended.


Yup. They are asking too much. $10 and $20 can be impulse buys and they would probably make more money like that. I’ve don’t the one time $20 deals, but $50 most every has to stop and think about spending


With Google rewards it’s “free”


Might have dropped $10 to get one but not $60 - too greedy.


People spending 50 dollars for t rex and I’m over here gathering dna from one while at my local coffee shop


Lol… i have had google rewards on my phone for 3 years. I have done every single survey sent. Grand total…$43.38


Maybe we should put all the complaints about the incubators in one spot since I started one there’s been a few complaints so a whole section would be awesome just to complain so maybe they change something with the prices . Jurassic world is not getting anymore money from me now. I don’t care I’m doing fine getting max coins and free incubators I was at rank 400 now dropped to 600 or so because I was an idiot using new epic Dino’s that suck most of these epic and legendary Dino’s do squat from the ones I’ve seen the ones I think that will make a big difference are the unique which I’m sure they will bring incubators out for probably 150-200$ cause they are crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: like honestly I’ll enjoy the game free for now on until changes happen in prices people have to do the same hurt their pockets to make a difference !!

Most people omg do what they say but mark my words I was spending 30$ a week no more money till changes or they respond like a real company should since this is their forum . They have the nerve to hide and block posts but not speak out about real issues they obviously only care about money like any other dopamine fix game !! This really ticks me off I remember games could be played for a one time fee and they can these days on ps4 but even those games are trying for more money on some ways it’s sad money piggies :pig: oink oink (jurassic pigs alive)


I started GR back in August of last year and already made over $40. Mileage may vary as the girl playing Pokemon who introduced me to it made more then that in a few months.


I do have more surveys all of a sudden since this game came out… good call hooking people up