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$50 for early access

Y’all must think people are crazy. I am going to laugh every time I see the Paladin before October as no one in their right mind should pay $50 for this. Y’all got a $5 version of this offer?
I can’t be the only one that thinks they are being insane right?


$$$ crazy

It’s £48 here in the UK, even worse! Plus you have to be paying the VIP rate to even qualify for the privilege of giving them this massive bag of cash. I think I’ll buy a brand new premium game for my PS4 instead…


yeah right like i’m paying $70… for a CHARACTER - seriously?
As if us subbers are not paying enough mothly?? $15/month?!?!

Seriously where’s the $5 version of this?? Quite possibly cancelling my VIP

As someone so eloquently said: Warriors of PocketDeep…

also PLEASE get rid of this special offer msg, i get it you want money. But now I can’t see when my free chests are available for the next 165 hours:

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The relevant passage from the release notes is:

After the Early Access period, Nayeli will be available to everyone as a Renown reward, or a Quest prize for players Renown 11 or higher.

So you don’t need to spend a dime to get her.


…in November (or sometime after October)

This is a mostly PvE game. Who cares when you unlock the characters? It’s not like you’re competing against other players to make progress.

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I woke up to a rearranged store moving all the free to play stuff to the very bottom hahaha… now we all gotta scroll through ALL the paid stuff first.

It’s one thing to want to return on investment, it’s a whole new level when you’re being blatantly obvious about wanting our $$$, sigh.

Well I’m an idiot, I got her but with leveling her i also got to level 13 and another equipment pack for her, though I wish I got more epic things but shes got 2 legendary waiting to go when she hits 9


You are exactly right VIP has little to no benefit and even though im already paying 10$ a month for they want more money for a VIP early access pack… So tired of this game being a cash grab as I really do enjoy this game. Just wish I didn’t have to be loaded to get anywhere


Do you really enjoy the game? Or is it because of the brand (D&D)?

I’ll admit, the game is decent at best, but the brand is what keeps me. I dont give $ to challenge myself, but, the one thing this game really has is being unbalanced in few areas.

I think its important that the mods make the devs aware of legit issues reported by players (not baby complaints).

  1. Savaarin 1 hitting and killing an entire squad is unbalanced.
  2. Not being able to choose your PvP team then facing a bot comp that is a hard counter with better gear and almost always winning initiative is unbalanced.

I’m sure there are many other issues but those are the two off the top of my head that I’ve either experienced or read about here in the forums.

Good news is, I feel the mods have started reporting these to the devs and they’re listening. Albeit slowly but listening :slight_smile:

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I agree. The game is mediocre at best. I stay because of the D&D theme.
I don’t mind spending a few bucks every once in a while on a mobile game I enjoy but the pricing on this game is laughably insane. They want more than the price of a full featured PC or console game for small features and equipment. It is insulting.


They did the same scummy thing when they “beta tested” Calliope over 6 months ago. Charged the price of a AAA game for a single character
I mean, just look up at some of my earlier comments on here and you’ll see it took hem that much time to fix basic things that needed it badly ( like Durnan’s store being refreshed ONCE every 24 hours…)

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or just the lunch issue where people were stuck at opening their first chest.

Even re-installing wasn’t fixing the issue.
It took them over 2 weeks to fix it.
3 days to aknowledge it.

I actually PvP far more than PvE, but I’m still not paying more than $5 to $10 for a character.

Of the apps I’ve played a significant amount of time, this is the one I’ve spent the least money on. They can’t seem to figure out how to provide a reasonable return on an investment.

Wanna know just how Ridiculous and out of hand things are right now ?

As of noon EST, on august 9th, there’s an Event running that costs 84 $ for the players …

Events requirements :
VIP (14 a month) Have Nayeli unlocked (70 )

I think the devs don’t even bother trying at this point