50% speed immunity is pointless

Even at 75%, against a speed killing move, the 50% immunity doesnt counter anything… why isn’t it 100% immunity. Please fix this ludia


I’ve wondered the same thing, especially on arguably the single most important stat.

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I agree… mostly.

There are some cases where it does matter, and that’s when both creatures use a decelerating move. Then the one with a high resistance will usually end up faster afterwards. So I have no problem with dinos having 50% speed decrease resistance if they have a decelerating move.

However, if they don’t have a decelerating move, then yes 50% is basically useless (outside of raids). Even speed increases or boosts have to get your speed up to 135 to even outspeed Apatosaurus (and of course skill tournaments don’t have boosts). That means that 50% speed decrease resistance is basically pointless on Allosinosaurus Gen 2, Antarctovenator, Edaphocevia, Grylenken, Paramoloch, and Spinoconstrictor. These should either get full speed decrease immunity or none (and even 100% resistance can have very limited utility for some of the slower dinos).

Now Erlidominus also has 50% speed decrease resistance, but its an interesting case since it can boost it’s speed above 135 (assuming this doesn’t get removed by resilient attacks). But nonetheless, this means that it’s speed decrease isn’t as useless as the others, so it can stay. This solution could also work for Grylenken and/or Spinoconstrictor if they had Sidestep instead of evasive stance.


Interestingly, 75% speed decrease resistance presents a unique balancing opportunity that isn’t often talked about. Since a dino with 75% speed decrease resistance only has their speed decreased by 12.5%, it usually ends up within a viable range post-deceleration if their initial speed was fast enough. Taking Monolometerodon for example, having 75% speed decrease resistance would mean it’s speed would drop to 109 after one decelerating attack, meaning it would still be faster than some dinos but slower than others. This allows for some surprisingly nuanced balancing that doesn’t get discussed much. This could also apply to Edaphocevia.


I can agree with that. I was only offering it as a solution to make it’s 50% deceleration immunity less useless.

Yeah, any increase in speed decrease resistance would help it a lot. As a full cunning with fairly high speed, I would hesitate to give it full immunity. But even 75% would leave it’s speed at 110 after being slowed, and that’s before you even apply any boosts.

for grylenken specifically I would say it can’t have full speed immunity as a virtue of resilient > cunning, BUT I think it could easily have 100% distraction immunity to better respond to cunning matchups


Alloraptor clearly is a cunning fierce, much like magna both are designed to be hard to crack because they bridge two of the classes. Grylenken is a pure cunning with a cool ability (no escape is one of the best in the game) that should follow the class’s restrictions more closely. In line with that, it should definitely not be subject to distraction, even better if it had stun resistance. Speed decrease should be 0% because it doesn’t fit the class, and 50% is just pointless for it (unless you slowed your opponent down the turn before)

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It does matter when boosts are involved. A 155 erlidom goes to about 115, so at 160 you usually outspeed most tanks when slowed. And it matters in some matchups like diplodocus vs tenontorex, where diplodocus can strike and will always outspeed tenontorex even if it goes strike

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The thing is, boosts aren’t always involved.

Yes, but in matchups like tenrex vs diplodocus, it comes into play

Oh definitely, I even mentioned those matchups myself. But not every dino with 50% decel resistance has speed control.

It can also do with raids. While allo gen 2 cannot take advantage of it unless it is max speed, it can potentially in a raid

Thats also true, it would just be nice if it was a bit more useful in pvp.