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50% Speed resistance useless?

Is 50% speed decrease useless? Take Allo gen 2, it has 50% resistance. If you MAX boost its speed after a resilient impact it will only just outspeed a 108 Tryko.

In fact even if velociraptor had 50% resistance any slowing move would mean he drops below 100 speed.

Without boosts it’s basically irrelevant. It’s only useful on Dino’s with slowing moves themselves. One could argue Ludia did it intentionally but it’s much more believable that someone didn’t bother doing the maths when choosing resistance values to find an impactful value.

A max speed boosted erlidominus can’t outspeed a smilonemys whose used shielding decelerating strike. He’s 43 speed faster!?! How is that resistance :sweat_smile:

Yeah other than ones with decel moves themselves, its one of the 2 completely useless partial resistances. Arguably crit reduction is worse though, as it currently only works with 100% resistance. Cunning moves all remove 100% crit chance, so there’s literally zero point having 50% resistance on a dinosaur with 5% to 30% crit. It still comes out reducing more crit than they have every time. Even the indoraptors with 75% resistance have only 20% crit so it still is reduced to 0. I have no idea why it even has a partial resistance.

I think the indos have it because what if your in a raid and a tryo use ready to crush and if u get hit by a cri reduction move I think your crit chance goes back to normal and not to 0

I have a Grylenken with 140 speed and with a decel move, it drops to 104

Just wish grylenken had it’s speed immunity still