50% stun resistance is bugged

I’ve noticed that phorurex will stun a swapping out IndoT 100% of the time even though IndoT has 50% resistance. I think this is a coding error where phoru’s 100% stun doesn’t change to 50% after resistance is applied. But it does change with 25% or 75% resistance on the swapping out dino.


Resistances are really wired

The other creatures have to have a 100% resistance to stun against a creature with 100% chance to stun in order to resist being stunned. If your creature only has a partial resistance to stun, they will get stunned for being the slightest bit stunnable.


I have had Acrocanthops resist Immobilize before. I believe I have that photo.

This is false


This doesn’t explain how 50% stun resistance dinos get stunned 100% time against a 100% chance to stun dino but 75% stun resistance dinos get stunned only some times.

I just left this game behind, time to stop caring about this game :laughing:

incorrect, my indot avoids the phoru stun all the time. It is TWO checks …

First it checks the 100% chance to stun you … THEN it checks your stun resistance.

So if the first dino has 75% chance to stun, and yoi have 50% resistance …

First the 75% chance is ‘rolled.’ If successful, the dino has now passed its check to stun you.
Now the second dino rolls its equivalent of a saving throw.

RNG is always weird and may cause you to think it is off, but it is literally a number set in the code. It may trend in other directions and make you feel it’s ff, but it is not. It’s the same as you can flip a coin and get heads 1000 in a row even tho it is 50/50