50 Wins for Warrior draft is absurd

30 wins for Last stage of Warrior Draft is absurd. I like Warrior Draft. It makes PvP an even playing field with everyone having the same gear and often shows how good some items people don’t normally use can be. But slogging through 50 battles to fully complete is tedious. For 30 battles on last stage the gem entry costs should be less although I would just prefer them to be shorter like they were initially I think the Original ones were 5-8 wins stage 1. 10 wins stage 2 and 12-15 wins stage 3. Forcing people to play 50 wins with janky unintuitive and non synergistic builds is totally absurd for the gem cost.


It’s not actually balanced at all as some builds are rubbish and others better (against those rubbish builds that nobody would use anyway)so it becomes about who gets the better characters rather than much tactics
I understand that you want to showcase less used gear but it makes for a rather flat gsme with little excitement or interesting effects.
And 30 on last stage is too many.


At the very least if future Warrior Draft events are gonna be 50 wins with toons that we have no control over gear and very little control over who we get than they should at least keep the theme going and let us Draft (choose) which hero the legendary pack is for… like similar to a renown pack. Give a few options of which hero the pack would be for, would still be totally random which piece.


You are better off just running challenges

Ugh, I would not spend all that time for 4 rewards. If they want us to do the event, and have it so long, they should be offering more and better rewards. I would be ticked if I got an armour out of that last pack. Well, that is part of the reason why I don’t play these events.

Yep was Super pissed when I slogged through 50 wins and Got a Duplicate Chest piece. I went back and counted and across 11 hero’s there’s 28 pieces of legendary that I don’t have a single one of… hence the post about at least keeping the theme of a draft event and let us choose a pack similar to renown reward.

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