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500 DB went up in smoke! 😭

I had 850 DB and was earning more for “The Gaming Breaver” links when I blocked the game.
When I reopened the game I had 350 DB and the crash made me buy a gold lottery ticket, which costs 500 DB.
Could I somehow recover my DBs?
@Ned Ludia assistance could you return them to me if I send him such an email?

I don’t think so, as I’ve had worse things happen to me and Ludia wouldn’t budge.

Sorry, you’ll just be out 500 DB, at least it wasn’t worse.


Accidents happen, you can get that back in one AF > DB trade easy.


I’m really sorry to hear that happened, Tommy_Paoli. Unfortunately, I don’t believe our team will be able to reverse purchases made with in-game resources. :sweat:


Happened to me just a few minutes ago, clicked on a speed up because I sneezed…
Lost 1000 bucks but oh well, I will have that back in a day and if the trades are unlucky maybe 2.
Got no dinos in hatchery, no excess buildings, only apatosaurus fossils

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