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500 DNA is 500 DNA


Since I’ll never place in the 100 or higher ranking in this (joke of a) tournament, I’ll be content to stay over 4500 trophies to get the 500 erlik DNA. That’s all I want - considering the damn thing is virtually non-existent in the real world. It feels good to not really care where I place anymore.

Dare I say, it’s almost fun?


It’s so much better of a game when you don’t get frustrated from losing or care about the trophies and rank. Since I stopped caring months ago I’ve been really enjoying JWA for what it is… a game

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Currently I’m yo-yoing around 4750 +/-150 - I would like to stay in the 4750 tier for the extra coins and cash and breaking 5000 would be an achievement but I’m not going to bust a gut. The goal is to stay above 4500 for the extra DNA. I wouldn’t stop battling if I dropped close to the limit as I think my team would get me back above (maybe on the last day).

My Erliko is L19 261/750 so 500 guarantees I can start fusing :slight_smile:

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Currently yo-yo-ing in between 4.5-4.7 finally have the Dino’s to push higher but why bother when 500 DNA is most you get without full lvl maxed team likely. I have been finding the yo-yo process fun without the stress of less rewards! If I get too close to the sun start seeing lvl 28-30 uniques supported by abhorrent lvl 30 drac2. I just lose a few and have some fun battles again!


I got as high as 4856 the other day and then dropped down to 4600 (ish). Currently at 4750. I am definitely seeing streaks. I get very high and all my dodges work and all my stuns land on the way up there. As soon as I had a match where 5 of my 75% stuns did not land I knew I was going back down :joy:.

I haven’t been as low as 4500 in a while so I’m confident my team can keep me above that mark. It is more fun though not stressing about it and it feels even better when I am able to beat a team 3-4 levels higher than mine. :grin:

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