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5000 cash Legendary incubator?


Kinda wanna get it since they don’t do cash incubator offers often…but not sure if it’s worth it since some of those legendaries are a plus but others are a miss. What do y’all think?

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All the legendaries are fairly useful, at least in this meta, if not for themselves then for their hybrids. I’ve been debating the same thing. No idea if it’s worth it. :confused:

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I don’t feel like 200 legendary dna is very much for that price though, especially when it could be split between more than one.


None of the legendary incubators have ever been worth the cost, if you also got a bunch of Epic/rare/common too then maybe


I’m not sure if I want to. I got 30k+ cash but what I need is coins. Paying for 200 Legendary DNA is like roughly spending around 200,000 coins (250,000 coins for 4500 cash) and that can be used more wisely unless you just want to throw money around lol.


200 legendary dna=500 epic dna+equivalent amount dna of ingredient B, at the rate of 20 per fuse.

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Just think about paying 5,000 cash for 200 Monolometrodon DNA


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, I spend money for incubator and got 200 indo rex. Dont know it is worh it but wanted to try out burthday luck.


I got 200 indominus dna, and it will be easily useful for my indoraptor. I just need the raptor dna

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I am sure you would get one(or combinations) of the 5 valentine’s featured legendaries. So if anyone is desperate(or need), they can try their RNGesus.


Even 200 Spinota… Not worth it.


I got impatient and purchased one. 200 allowing. Not thrilled but not disappointed either.


Autocorrect messed me up. 200 Allosinosaurus.


Have gotten 200 pyritator from these and 200 Indom. They are really great if you don’t have any legendary but once you have unlocked a few, the risk of getting either what you have already or one of the pretend legendaries becomes extremely high so they are really good for new players but huge costly risk for end gamers!


I had 4 of the 5 unlocked but i got enough mats from this week to level spino to 18. Was hoping to get him in an incubator but i got allosinosaurus, tryo and indominus. I was honestly hoping for anything but tryo. The only reason i didn’t buy the huge incubators was because i knew it’d give me more baryonyx dna. Which is useful unless your sitting on 3k baryonyx and in need of postosuchus.


Seems like a waste of money. Give me $50 and I’ll get you the equivalent of legendary DNA in an hour or less


Not worth it


At 5000 cash …

(Go get 5 epic scents instead … giving you anywhere from 2-5 epics each for a total of 10-25 epics for that same price)


This, clearly scents are a better deal considering you can target local specific and target the dinos you want.

If you want l1, l2, l3, or parks epics scents are a better deal. If you want l4… then you just need a rare scent and can save even more money cause theres no reason to use an epic scent there.

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Oh yeah you’re right- I was thinking about the normal Legendary Incubators