5000 for the legendary incubator....... insane


5000 hard cash for the legendary incubator is ridiculous. 200 DNA and 200 common DNA… And only 15000 in coins for 5K… Come on Man.


I should have seen your post first.

I spent my 5K hard earned cash and got 200 Gigaspike DNA which I really don’t need :frowning:


if you are new(ish) to the game you are much better off buying one of these than an epic incubator. no way you unlock a legendary for 5K cash any other way.


I know it’s expensive but if it discourages people from paying to win then I’m happy with it


I bought those 2 incubators, and I can tell you, you better buy coins than this!


Yeah I’m passing on that incubator offer. Considering I only want the monomimus, and with a 1/19 chance, I’m going to have to pass. Opened two free epic incubators today and got concavenator/ grypo… My funds are going towards that lvl 30 Indo :joy: Take zero chances with random incubators.


I find it odd how much real money all these mobile games ask for if you want to get there faster.
If you would buy that with real money, you would have to pay 48 pounds.
For that money, you would get 2 pc games in the old days. I don’t understand why so pricey.
If things would be real cheap, then a lot more players would buy it. Then, the others who usually wouldn’t do it, would also think about doing it to remain competitive.


ludia is like that. some games are reasonable. like clash royale you can buy a chest that guarantees you a legendary card for $20. you aren’t even guaranteed to unlock a dino in this game for $20. :unamused:

there’s a reason clash royale probably makes like $10,000,000 a day and ludia doesn’t get anywhere near that though.


I bought one the last time it was offered when I was super new to the game. Got a legendary I didn’t have from it. But now, I have cash to buy two and I wouldn’t if my game life depended on it. It’s not helpful once you have them all. Cash is much better saved for coin bonus offers down the road.

Last time the super coin vault was in bonus mode, I bought it all 3 times I could. Much better use of the green cash!


200 ankyn dna would be so awesome though


i agree man i want monomimus also would love 200 more dna and would gladly pay the money for it but not a 1 in 19 chance…


nope not worth it. why dont these game makers think like us and maybe let us customize a incubator that we would actually pay for.


How 200 dna can help me?
When i start playing i admit i bought the 4 offers they did, but today i only would pay if they guaranted me a unique for 100 euros or something similar xd, 200 legendary is 4 fuses for a unique 10,10,10,10. You need tons of legendary dna in future for level they to 23+ so this incubator cant help you so much, is better to grind in correct zones and collect the dna yourself, but if you are rich who matter and buy it xd


This is a company who has 75 dollar card packs in there jurassic world park building game… i dont mind spending 10-20 dollars for a mobile game i enjoy playing but when your asking for more then a AAA console/pc game is when im like your nuts…


I don’t care, I bought two of them and got two dinos I like. Monomimus and the one you need Baryonyx DNA for, I forgot the name already but I like these two. Trolled a guy pretty hard with that Mono. XD She killed all three of his dinos.


So my family of 8 bought several today. Heres what we got:

Anky (forget how to spell it)
Diloranasaurus (twice)

Worked well for us, as we only had 1 case of soemone already having it. Lots of new dinos created today.


wow! thats not bad at all


That you spent $400 on this game over the course of a single day is quite concerning, I have to say.


Yeah sorry, just to clarify … you got 8 of these!!!


Unfortunately I bought the same incubator and I only got the coins and the 200 legendary DNA. It cheated me out of the other dna… received none!