5000 trophies and no way to move up in ranks


I am at 5000 trophies and continue to win battles but my rank remains at 63. I have won 10 battles in a row and even seen my rank go down 1 after winning. What is this? I am not able to go up in rank. If I lose one battle my rank goes down anywhere from 10-20. I think there is a problem here.


5,000 is the hard cap. Everyone who is 5,000 is actually tied for first. The person who is number 1 will lose it as soon as they lost a battle and it will replace them with the closest winner to the server refresh.


So basically I am stuck waiting until the tournament reset? No reason to continue battling if I am unable to increase rank. Thanks for the reply.


Incubators and extra coins. 5,000 isn’t hard to get… so if u lose it u can just get it back.


Actually, that is not quite correct. I am not sure how to move up in the standings as I’ve been experimenting but I know this:

  1. You can get to no. 1 by losing and then winning.
  2. If you get bumped, you don’t go to no. 2 but whatever number you’ve been assigned.
  3. Winning streaks don’t bump you higher, as you have mentioned
  4. The order is not chronological as players like pocemon who only got there recently have stayed on top.
  5. Ordering is not based on team strength

I am not sure if there is some credit given to frequent contributors. I see pocemon is active on youtube and metahub. Neo is active on the forums. Some transparency or logical ordering would be nice. Eg. If you get bumped from 1 you go to 2. (King of the hill), more wins help you climb up.


Actually they guys on the top simply have the oldest accounts. So out of Pocemon, MrFeldon and Myself I have the 3rd oldest account so that means they registered before me for this game. And everyone who is above you simply registered before you did. Just the way it’s setup at the moment.


Thanks for the info!


Hey Neo! I just accepted your friend invite. Nice to see you on the forums! Thanks for the win last night. You put me at the top :slight_smile:


That is also true. But most of the ppl actually battle and dont keep the number 1 rank. Poce is just a toolbag. I traded wins with you last night.


Hey that’s awesome Josh gratz man. We will definitely have fun battles.

Nice I like decent battles and not running over people like a steam roller hit me up as friend so we can get more battles in Stark.


The theory of the oldest account isnt valid 100% for me, cause i saw people line TORO or another guys being rank 8 and then rank 3 and similars, so if his acc is younger than obitouchiha for example, how he is older days after?. Must be another system for sure, also i created my account first day they release in europe


Now that you mention it, I looked through the list again and noticed that Team usually ranks ahead of me (10-20) but for whatever reason, is ranked below me right now even though he is still 5000. That seems to go against the account age theory.

I have to agree with Tronkun that there must be another trick to the rankings.


I always assumed it was based on the server refresh… but it could be more than one factor. Age of account alone does seem to have evidence for and against it.


Good info. Thanks for all the replies.