50000 point VIP packs

There used to be an option for VIP members to buy a pack for 50000 loyalty points to get a VIP creature you can’t get in the solid gold pack. I don’t have VIP, and ever since around when Giant Orthocone was added to the solid gold pack, I haven’t seen it. Has it been removed or is it just invisible for non-VIP players? I would think that it would get more people to buy it, especially since it didn’t show the price. If it actually is gone, I hope that it’s a sign that they will add all of the VIP creatures into the solid gold pack.

Since it has the gold background on the price it might be VIP exclusive?

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It’s still there. Currently the dino it includes is Stygimoloch. This pack and the 4K one have a gold bar versus the other loyalty packs which have green bars, so I’m guessing that indicates they are for VIPs only.

Non-vip here, those 50k packs don’t show up for me