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$5000HC gone...💸

I was on the shop page and I felt to tired so I began to fall asleep, I wasnt aware what my fingers were doing and when I woke up I see an epic incubator on the screen, I was wondering what happened then I look at my HC amount…

I wish the coin sale came before I’ve wasted all these precious HC… imagine if the coin sale came before I get to 4500HC… I’m gonna be furious


yeah… that really sucks… Thats why I hide my phone saturdaynight. I’d raid the whole shop :joy:


Sorry to hear that… it’s probably happened to quite a few people :sweat:

That happened to me while ago when I cleaned phone’s display. No need to say my day was ruined, 5000 cash!


They’ve stopped coin sale for non vip members for a while, or I wouldn’t have a chance to lose all these cash. I wish I can go back in time and accepted the vip trial before I lose all these damn cash. Imagine if they do coin sale tomorrow…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Happened to me before as well. Doubt anyone will do anything about it. Maybe we should have an items selection screen in the shop. Different pages for different items

tenor (59)

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What makes this worse is seeing Scaphotator as one of the contents.

This is why I absolutely hate going onto that screen, even when it’s just to grab my 6-hour incubator.


i lost 1000 HC with an epic scent… the screen crashed, and i made multiples touchs… and then i bought this shi***

You’re so not alone… When I go to the shop, it’s almost like I’m defusing a bomb… I also buy those cheap darts while they are available. It’s funny that their shop is the place where I guess absolutely nobody want to stay any longer than needed… Maybe they are counting more on mishaps for sales, than real shoppers wanting something?

I remember hearing my g/f say to me one night, “You’re about to buy something you don’t want.” Yep, it woke me up so I went ahead and shutdown the app before I had a chance to start dozing off again.