50dna ads only giving me 10 for the last couple of days

I normally watch ads for 50 dna.

I’ve found you get about 1000 dna for 20 ads every 24 hours before it drops to 10 dna.

For the last 48 hours I’m pretty sure I’ve only gotten 10 per ad.

I ask because this has been a critical part in getting dna for my park. If this Is a game change, so be it and I will adapt. otherwise, how do I fix this?

Never mind, it just came back. Thanks!

I’ve been getting 10 DNA per ad for a while now too, which made me stop watching the ads.

Last week, when I tried it again I might have gotten 3-4 ads for 50 DNA and then just drops down to 10 DNA.

I think it might get a little stuck from time to time. It actually let me watch about 2k wroth oh ad dna when it came back. So, at least it let me catch back up.