5200+ trophies player looking for an alliance

Hi all, I’m SevenSpades, i’m currently looking for a good alliance (maybe 5/4) with many sanctuaries to cure. I’m at 5207 trophies right now and i’m active every day

Thanks in advance

Hey mate the land down under would be happy to have you we have one opening 5/4 every week.

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Land down under is the name of the alliance ? Because i cant find it

I second Scubes suggestion to join “The Land Down Under” they are a great group of players, I used to be a member myself a while back!

You will love it there :slight_smile:

Oh the “the” was in the name, right. Found it and seems nice, I’ve sent a friend request @Scubasteve

Hey mate I’ve accepted you as a friend but can’t add you until you leave your current alliance. Sorry if any delay my games connectivity has been awful today for some reason

Just send the request

Seven Spades, have you already found an alliance? Otherwise you’re welcome to join JWA Suriname. We are 5/4, active, chat on messenger. If so, tell me your username with the 4 numbers and I’ll send you an invite.

Yes I’ve found it, thanks anyway