52MB Update and No Patch Notes...?


Ludia Team,

Can we get patch note or something with these? I see constant updates (non-playstore) in game that range from 10mb to 80mb. This one was 52MB. Can we get some insight?



Yeah tottaly, but still… IDono


This little Update made some special Dinosaurs available in the wild:

  • Dracorex/Dracorex 2nd Gen
  • Concavenator
  • Raptor Squad
  • some others probably


And what’s the deal with the little blue bar that doesn’t move when it pops up at the bottom of the screen when it’s looking for an opponent? It keeps either timing me out, or throwing a “can’t connect to server error” message. I have a pretty decent 4G LTE connection where I am, and do my arena fights at home.


Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the server, or is it just me?


I’ve been having issues with it keeping up when i move wifi. I was at my moms last night for dinner, came home and the map was still of her neighborhood for about an hour.


It’s been keeping me from battling in the arena since the update. I can do everything else the same, just can’t battle.