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5400+ Trophy Active Player needs Alliance

Heeyyy! I’m currently looking for an active and competitive alliance. Needs to hit 10/10 weekly, multiple sancs and competitive in alliance tourneys! Currently 5492 Trophies and average 25-30 battles a day, sometimes more! I have Discord and appreciate communication within the alliance!


I’m not a recruiter but I love my alliance and we are looking for you!
You can check us out here:

Hope to see you around soon.

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Please have a look at the above link and let me know if that interests you.

We have a great group of people having great time in the game and would love to have one more

IslaNublarTimeshareCo is looking for a few more members. We hit 9/8-10/9 rewards, at least tier 7 in tourney and have 2 level 20 sancs with a co-op. The team is friendly, generous and loves to raid. We’re looking for players who are willing to get their ten tourney kills each week. Let me know if you’re interested in seeing if we’re a good fit for you!

Just sent you a message for Velocirapturds :hugs: