5900, 130k daily damage, need an active clan [update: Found a clan]

Looking for a clan with strong active daily players. Here’s my team, here’s what I do every day. Sick of not being able to consistently take out 4* alphas. Need to be taking down 6+. Who’s got room?

Check us out Dragon Watch

We are currently downing 8 stars and looking for an active and committed player to join us let me know if your interested.

Hello Mr.MoArt,
First of all I would say wow impressive. How can you get that sawmaw 5/5 stars? I’ve been breeding to get him but it takes forever hahaha
And would you like to come to our clan? We might not the strongest clan, and we’re preparing to defeat our 2nd 7* alpha in a few more hours. 6* is kind of easy for us, so we are trying to defeat every 7*. We are players from many places in the world, and we would like to move forward and defeat higher alphas as a team, so our levels vary from 20 to 40.
We have an open spot at the moment, so please feel free to join and check out how we are doing.

P.S: I think if you take in another green dragon, you can do higher damage to Bewilderbeast.

Hey Mo,

I have send you a DM :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the DMs. I’m settled in with a new clan. Happy hunting.

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