5hr free incubator change?


I usually get like 14 raptor or stego DNA every 5 odd hours as the free incubator and always happy as it’s a freebie, however got 14 epic anky DNA instead just now, anyone else notice a change? never see it in the wild so any is welcome lol chuffed with that


I never had that. Did you get lvl 14 just recently? Might have to do something with being high lvl


I had anky once before, too. Also has Armaga before. So rare but so nice!


I don’t know since when (maybe since the 1.3 update), the free incubator has been giving epic and rare DNAs once every while. The common DNAs doesn’t make sense and the only reason I run the incubator is for the cash. But any Epic DNAs are welcome :slight_smile:


closer to 15! And 1st one I’ve seen that’s not been a common, :crossed_fingers: everyone else has a bit of good luck then