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5th Community Design Challenge: 2 Winners!

Welcome again forum goers, it’s come time again for a new community design contest! As before, all are more than welcome to check out the great artists over on the JWA Artwork thread, there’s many many talented people here and they are always updating with new projects!

The theme of this Challenge is:

Cretaceous Cruise

Their goal was to create a hybrid as at home in the water as it is on land; incorporating dna from crocodiles, amphibians, and other water lovers.

For the first time ever we have a tie for 1st! @Slogokok34 Gigantaalynchus and @Sarahsaurusrex creation had a photo finish :boom:


Health: 2900
Attack: 1855
Speed: 128
Armor: 25%
Critical chance: 30%

Cleansing strike
Imperial immobilization (100% stun, 50% less damage, no critical chance and lockdown for 2 turns)
Defense piercing rampage
Ferocious strike

Passive: armor piercing counterattack
SIA: swap-in defense

The fusion of Gigantophis, Tiktaalik and Metriorhynchus creates an agile, fast semi-aquatic predator that can either constrict or chomp down its prey; it normally lives in swamps but in occasions it can move to salt water to hunt in reefs and shallow coasts!

Here’s our other fantastic contestants:

@Leegsma22 had the finned Tupandosuchus

Along with some interesting details and close ups!


Tupandosaurus (tupandactylus + edaphosaurus) + deinosuchus

Health 4000
Damage 1050
Speed 128
Armor 0%
Critical 25%

Nullifying strike
Ferocious strike
Lockdown impact
Defence shattering rampage
Defence shattering counter

The tupandosuchus has smal wings on its legs. While it can’t fly with them it uses them for swimming, and it works verry well! With those ‘wings’, webbed feet and its streamlined body, it is the most effecient swimmer of all swimmers.

Followed by @Erlikg2 very unique amphibious sauropod Sauroultimatum

And their description


[(Ultrasaurus + Labyrinthodontia) + Titanosaurus]

Stats at lvl 26

Hp: 6020
Atk: 1300
Armor: 40%
Speed: 107
Crit: 30%


Superiority strike
Decelerating rampage
Long protection
Extended critical strike


The assumption that all sauropods were semi aquatic comes true with the creation of the Sauroultimatum. Its strong jaws are used to crush the toughest of leaves, and the occasional shellfish

Well done to everyone who submitted projects! They all turned out great!

So which design did you like the best? Lots of amazing amphibious creations to choose from! Please keep in mind all the artists worked hard on their submissions, and will be valued as such :grin:

  • Leegmas22’s Tupandosuchus
  • Erlikg2’s Sauroultimatum
  • Slogokok34’s Gigantaalynchus
  • SarahsaurusRex’s Creation

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:clap::clap: Amazing entries everyone! :smiley:


I’m kinda sad only 4 participated, but the designs are great

I honestly want some sort of speculative zoology documentary thingy for that Gigantaalynchus

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I know, I was hoping for more also, but I’m glad we had our regulars! You guys always put out amazing work.

Sorry I couldn’t participate this time. I had the groundwork down, but I ended up being too busy to finish it :pensive:

Mine was Hyaenadon+Lythronax+Deinosuchus

I was going for a croc hybrid that would have the strongest bite force of any animal that’s ever lived, but oh well

one that passes the bite force of Tyrannosaurus rex or Pliosaurus funkei?

Perhaps I could participate in the next one. :grin:


that would be cool

I would love that! :smiley: I’d love to see your art, and honesty, i think it’s gotta be amazing from the way you respond to our drawings!

Why not! I’d like to see it🙂

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A question about the imperial immobilization: what do you mean with the 50% less damage?

There are very good designs again, it’s great to see how people come up with new ideas and creations.

@Ned, just join in with the fun. :+1::smile:


Also @DinoMaster3000 I’ve done a little more work on my drawing, let me grab a pic!

ah damn I can’t get the image to work… I’ll upload it later… sorry :sweat_smile:

Just let me know when you get it uploaded and I’ll update your listing!

Also would love to see you mods join in! That would be great @Ned


What’s the end date for the votes?


guessing today the voting ends, I’m excited to see who won

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I’ll close it around 4:00 PM EST