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6 apex dna

When you complete an apex raid you get 15 apex dna but since update 2.6 arrived you get 6 apex dna now why ludia why

It’s to balance it for lower level players. I personally like the change, it stops lower level players terrorizing the lower arenas with there apexs.


Yes sir, 100% love the change for that reason


Yep it’s like other things such as alliance rewards all based on player lvl. Level up and you’ll see it increase.

It’s good for the health of the game.


I like this idea because it was a problem that I feared with there being an apex in jurassic ruins or lockwood estate. this just helps to balence out the game.


thus balences out the game.

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imagine your level 17 with an apex. a level 26 creature compared to your level 18s.


raid dna caches were the only thing not tied to a player’s level. Ludia made it so everything matched. and this was their solution to reduce the frequency of Apexes showing up in arenas they shouldn’t be in.

Just a bit unfortunate that Ludia has changed this way too late. The mess already is there and cannot be fixed anymore.


Now ludia switched it to 9 apex dna now

That’s because it’s random @Dinosaur_attack, however your average dna from apex raids will generally be less than those that are level 20.


It’s to make it more balanced and for people to want to get to a higher lvl to get more DNA. As well as so people don’t start complaining about mortem in the 2nd arena


Yeah, as someone new to JWA, I can agree it would be terrifying to see one in the lower leagues. :rofl:

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did the DNA switch or are you a higher level? because if your a higher level then that may have had an effect on the incubator.