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6 hour incubator scent capsule


Did I miss a change in regards to the scent capsule from the free 6 hour incubator?

I’ve noticed that in 1.6 that it is dropping 5 minute scent capsules rather than the 20 minute “large scent” that it used to.


It’s random.

I’ve gotten regular, large, and scent of claws scent capsules. I’ve even gotten two capsules for one incubator twice.


Oh ok. I didn’t realize it was random. Thank you.


I never got the 5 minute in 1.5 and earlier. Only the 20 minute and scent of claws during the holidays. Since 1.6, only the 5 minutes.

Getting them or not has been random, but what I get has been consistent.

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Guess I never was lucky enough to get a fancy one. I had only got the 20 minute ones before yesterday.


Since 1.6 and opening 3 six hour incubators a day I have had one 5 minute scent only. Nothing like the rate of 20 minute scents before and was never lucky enough to get Scent a Claws from this (although my other half has had about 4)


I noticed a change as well. Before the update, I was regularly getting 20 minute ones every second incubator.

Now I’m only getting 5 minute ones.

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I don’t think i have got a scent from the 6-hour incubator in 1.6. Before the update i got at least one a day


I’m getting only 5 minute ones now, used to be 20 minute or 5 minute or scent of claws. It makes sense that scent of claws has been removed since Christmas is long over, but why no more 20 minute? :frowning_face:


I was partially thinking it had something to do with the January boosted supply drop event being over that we also lost the free 20 minute scents from the free incubator but that is just pure speculation.


6hr incubator?? I never got one. I’ve only seen 15 min, 3 hrs, 8 hrs, 12hrs and 24hrs


Me neither, I was gonna ask the same thing.


Am I calling it the wrong thing? The free 6 hour incubator that is usually a couple of dinobucks, a bunch of darts, and a few dna. Top left


The free six-hour incubator.

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I haven’t gotten a 20-minute one since the update. I usually had at least one, and usually 2, to use every night. :frowning:


Oh that one. I forgot about it :slight_smile:

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I won a 5 min grey scent from the last strike tower. Not good luck, lol.