6 inch beak (Creature file #15)

Creature file yay! Today, I’m gonna be doing a recent discovered pterosaurs that has been unearthed about 100 million years ago. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Afrotapejara. Also, sorry about not doing Zingongosaurus. I’ll do it next time.


Rarity: Rare

Health: 3050

Damage: 1000

Speed: 127

Armor: 0%

Critical: 5%


Defense Shattering Strike


Extended Critical Strike

Passive: Swap in Ferocity and Armor piercing counter

Possible hybrid: Brontojara, fuse with Brontolasmus and Afrotapejara.

Rarity: Legendary

Health: 3990

Attack: 1080

Speed: 125

Armor: 30%

Critical: 10%


Long Defensive Strike

Definite Rampage

Rending Attack

Extended Critical Strike

Passive: Swap in Ferocity and Armor piercing counter

  • This pterosaurs was discovered in Africa, Europe, Brazil, and China.

  • Living during the Cretaceous period, these reptiles had wingspans perhaps as wide as 12 feet, with large, broad crests sweeping up from the front of the skull, researchers reported.

  • The new pterosaur has been named Afrotapejara zouhrii to honour the Moroccan palaeontologist Professor Samir Zouhri, according to researchers. Originally a mammal specialist, Zouhri contributed to several discoveries of prehistoric reptiles in Morocco, including dinosaurs and pterosaurs.


If you want to draw any of the creatures that I did for my creature files for a pfp in the game, I’m 100% okay with that. Just credit me if you are going to do it.

I can’t draw very good! :sweat_smile:

What is?



I meant what you can’t draw

I am not very good thats it

It’s okay. You don’t have to do it.

I know! :smiley:

By the way that hybrid is very interesting… :no_mouth:

Really? How?

It’s move set is very good in every offensive way,
this is a very good counter attacker

Asante, Rafiki. I’ll tried to create more creatures file as I can

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Can I draw brontojara?

Sure. Do whatever you want. Hybrid or non hybrid

Thanks you

Anytime. If you’re done, post it here