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6 months of the same breeding with no 5*

Time to quit. I’ve been attempting to breed two Revengers together in hopes of getting another Shrill Boltbeak, but always get one of 3 outcomes, the 3* dragon. I’ve gotten 1 4*dragon. I started this back in March, so it’s been about 6 months of the same “retry” nearly twice a day. If I can’t accomplish something like this in a Mobile game after 6 months, why bother?

It’s been fun, kinda. The game is just too slow moving and there’s nothing to look forward to.
Hope you all get your breeding in less time than me :frowning:


You are not alone buddy. I tried to breed my Chestnut copy 2 months without break and once I even spent 13.5k runes on it. And I got NOTHING. These odds are a big joke.
Thank you so much Ludia for wasted 2 months​:ok_hand::clap:

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The odds are not a joke… find something about statistics :wink:

ok here you go: