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6 nice to have suggestions for a better game

Hi there,

I thought about some suggestions that could make the game more friendly or fun

Collection tab :

  • We currently have a “my team” and a “my collection” (sortable). When you get 100+ dinos it is not easy anymore to go throug the whole list in order to focus in our current dino targets to evolve.
    Implement a “favorite” list (8 dinos maximum) between “my team” and “my collection” could help.

Map tab :

  • We know there is a nest system where dinos pop when you approach it. It could be fun to have an indication on where the closest nest could be. Not all the nests but the closest one. This could enhance the user experience and add fun to the walking hunt.
  • We know the map is divided in areas. It could be nice to have an indication on where to go to enter another area. Distance to get to it might be cool as well.
  • We can distinct sanctuaries resources when we grab them or when we go to our inventory or even when we go to a sanctuary. But the small icons on the map when you get to a “dyno stop” are not really clear to me. Adding some colors or get them a different shape (square, circle, exagon) could help us to distinct more clearly one of the others

Social tab :

  • this “Ask for dna” button lead to a “ask” screan. Unfortunately, the list of dinos eligible for request are not sorted. It could be helpful to get kind of the same screen than “collection” tab. Where we have a “my team” and a “my collection”, and liked to the upper suggestion a “favorite” list. At least this list could be sortable.

Summary :

  • add a “favorite” list (8 dinos maximum) between “my team” and “my collection”.
  • add an indication on the closest nest on the map
  • add an indication on the others areas on the map.
  • modify colors or shapes of sanctuaries resources
  • make the request for dna screen more like the collection tab

Please share your thoughts and comments on those suggestions


For the sanctuary exit thing, they’re doing it with 1.9

I didn’t read the patch notes.

It would be nice to have something to show where the borders of a zone are. Even if it was just a dotted line on the map. We don’t have to know which zone as we can garner that from the spawns.

I like your suggestions a lot. Some good ideas there.

My list:

  1. A boost reset
  2. A reset of boosts
  3. An event which resets all your boosts, allowing you to spend them on your dinos again to suit the meta better
  4. Being able to reallocate boosts between dinos
  5. Impulsar reinicio
  6. A boost reset

Thanks for your answer [bobbymcfeen] but this is not the subject

My suggeston(s) make the game more fun and friendly. I don’t see the issue.

Sure, let’s all reset our boosts and let some people out there with a stockpile the size of the US nuclear arsenal stick all their newly freed boosts on the gnarliest new hybrids in the game.

Sounds fun to me.