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6 players looking for a new alliance

The leader of our alliance became inactive. That’s why I and 5 more members of my alliance are looking for a new, friendly home.
All of the players are active and also very helpful regarding donating DNA.
If you are looking for new members and have enough open spots in your alliance, please let me know.
If am alliance is willing to adopt us, we would start migrating next Monday after alliance mission reset.

You’re welcome to join Fiskerne :slight_smile:

We have room in Dinocity, could always use so good active players.

Hi, we are “InternationalDinos” and we might have room for you and your team. I’ve send you a PM.

“Breaking bad” has available spots.

Fairly active, no requirements other than being active and sharing DNA.

I have just created my own Alliance for the same reason! I need active players who will donate and do challenges! Come join my Alliance “Vesuvius Rex” help me build an active team :slight_smile:
My user name is Slytitan

My alliance “Happy Whovians” has about 12 openings right now - just cleared out a bunch of inactive players and will probably do another batch in a few days. We’d love to have you!

I can make room for you in JWA MISSOURI if you haven’t found an alliance yet. We are weeding out players that have quit and do not actively participate. Let me know and good luck

Hoosier explorers is always looking for active members.

I have space for all of you in MeenasVillage. We’re not big yet but we’re working hard.

We just started our own alliance, Wild Things, for the same reason… 18 of us so far, and we could really use the help! We‘re a very active, friendly group who use discord to communicate.

I’m trying to build my own alliance, thank you for the offer though. Best of luck.

Hi, I 've created my own alliance Primeval Rule and looking for new members :slight_smile: