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6 Star Alpha Defeated - Anyone else?


The Dragon Riders just finished off our first 6 star alpha! After talking to some other people in the Discord server it got me curious: Are there other clans who’ve managed to defeat their 6 star? And if so, how long did it take you?


How many HP did it have?

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It had 2 million HP

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Grats Dragon Riders!


Thank you! :smiley: We won’t have enough energy to beat the next 6 star, but it’s really nice to know that we can do it.

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TheFinestFuries got ours! Took it down to the last 45 minutes waiting on someone to get the last 900 points lol! Don’t think we’ll get the one today since most of us used extra energy yesterday, but it sure was exciting! And we did it with only 24 members in the clan, but everyone participated.

Soooo… We’re looking to fill our last vacancy if anyone wants to apply! Looking for at least mid-4k power and MUST be active daily. Being active in chat is a big bonus too!

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Awesome! :muscle: Think you can take on the next one too?

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Don’t think so, most of our players are waiting on energy so we’re not worried about today’s alpha, better do a few attacks and save full energy for the next one.

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That’s what we’re doing as well :+1:

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If you need an active player tell me.


We could use you! We’ve got room for one more!

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My id

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Tell me when i can join plz. Thx.


I can send you an invite now!

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I sent you an invite. If it doesn’t work, shoot me a request. Clan name is TheFinestFuries


Ah. And here I thought I would be the one to recruit people from the thread I made. How naive of me.

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Sorry but i’m looking for join the dragon riders clan, or a good one, not a new clan, sorry mama


We’re not new and we’re good (defeated all but yesterday’s alpha), but that’s cool.

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No need to be snarky. Didn’t realize this was a recruiting thread, thought it was a “hey, join me in the glory of what we’ve achieved thread”. My bad.

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