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6 Stars?

I’m just curious, will there ever be 6 Star dragons in the game, or will there not be!? I would be pretty cool if there could be :sweat_smile:

Nopes :stuck_out_tongue: to get a 5* to full up it takes tons of fish+dragons+scales. 6* would be a nightmare

They might as well call it - The Nightmare

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That is true! :disappointed_relieved:

It’s not possible, no. The legendaries, especially Toothless are supposed to stay endgame.

True, still strugling to get to 5th star with the 60 levels and after that there are still more 70 :confused:

It will pass :wink:

Well they could add the extra star to them. It’s not impossible, just never been brought up by the devs and with everything else they got going on I wouldn’t see why this would even be on their radar.

Right… Why should they do that though, it would still bring everything in the game upside down - and it would need to be reconstructed. And for… what exactly?

So they will release titan forms which is like another evolution past what we currently have. … u know , because the game is called TITAN uprising? Lol

And aren’t 5-stars at titan stage?

How about two dragons both Star Less

  1. Colourless - Weak in attack+health but attacks when any colour is matched.

  2. Colourfull - Weak in attack+health but repel 80% of any attack it gets.

Both could die in 2 strong hits but play a good role while they last :smiley:

@Antz I don’t know if this is a good idea…

It’s a satire like a 6* dragon called “Nightmare”