60 + 40 =/= 100

Looks like that error where the game isn’t rounding percentages properly is still there.

I just hit an Ardentismaxima with Rending Takedown (60% damage), immediately followed by Swap In Savagery (40% damage) and the noodle-necked ninny remained standing with a single health point.

Cost me the match and everything.

Losing to unlucky RNG is one thing, but the prorammers not understanding basic maths calculations? Shocking altogether.


lol: ten c

rofl,loosing to 1 point on something with a base HP of 5700 :rofl:
Well,i feel sad for you but yes,i agree,this maxima should have die.

My Megalosuchus does 2551 on her ferocious move.
But her base impact does 2552.

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They need to add 1% to every percentage-based damaging move in the game. It’s not even complicated.
They already did that with the 33% moves, I don’t know why they stopped at that.