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60+ unlocks

What exactly are they as I’m debating doing this months CoT but I heard u can unlock, so what are the unlocks for the tournament legendaries in the campaign?


Basically you get some Tournament creatures for unlock by CoT, such as Megalosaurus, Segnosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Bananogmius, Troodon etc. which reduces the pain of staying in Dominator league and getting anxious.

You have one month to complete 28 events, and with that you can play 5 rounds of the CoT like a normal PvE.

No I mean that after a while you can unlock tourneys creatures at battle stages. I was wondering what were they

Oh, sometimes they give you battle stage unlocks too (kind of weird) so that you can have it early on, but personally I would prefer not to have battle stage creatures in CoT.

As far as I remember, the list is Deinocherius, Ceratosaurus, Zalmoxes, Yutyrannus, Acanthostega, Mosasaurus and one other cenozoic creature.

Megatheirum is the last one. Giant sloth.


They are level 70+. 70 is Deinocheirus, Ceratosaurus at 75, Zalmoxes at 80, Acanthostega at 85, Yutyrannus at 87, Mosasaurus as 90, and Megatheirum at 95.

Here you go. The unlocks from 87 on are at the bottom

As always, the big list was current when it was posted. Subsequent updates may have changed things