6000 trophy vs 15000

Is that normal we got a Match together ?
We have 9000 trophy of difference …


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15900 trophies for the first one while the 100th have less than 7000,this game is becoming a bad joke which benefit whales.
Of course,keep continue to gave them 30k of exclusives epic and rares every month,it sure help the game to be balance.

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Due to Ludia changing how the matchmaking in shores works, yes, you can now be matched with anyone in shores regardless of trophies.

It’s a system that will eventually fail due to the vast power gap between the top players and those just entering the arena.


Pro tip : When you hit the 6k trophy,you are free to drop to aviary,there is nothing up there for you and the rewards stay the same.


i’m nowhere close to reaching shores. my highest lv creature is Mortem at 26. I’m comfortable staying in the yo yo of aviary and library for the time being. But if enough people drop and stop trying to reach shores, the trickle down effect will hit not just me, but everyone.

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in this case, I would not be the first concerned, I can afford to climb to 7k, but honestly, it’s like leaving the choice to be whipped in hell or to spend a vacation in an El Dorado for the same salary.
Of course,i won’t get whipped for 4000 arctops

No wonder people in sibo, now have like level 15 Dino’s. It doesn’t help when a lot of beginners don’t battle at first and start battling with epics and some commons. Is there seriously a guy with 15000. This hasn’t happened Since there weren’t resets which was like 28000. Has anyone else noticed how Legomin134 or 34 has quit. He has like 28000 trophies at a time

Yeah I fought the actually top one of the PvP Nizam.

I had absolutely not a chance … I barely stay at 6000 and I fight this lol :sweat_smile:

Okey didn’t know about the update for matchmaking, it’s bad…

I fear the game is about to implode.

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best Ludia does it the same way as other games … everyone against everyone😂

Well it’s about to implode since 1.7 and we are still here.

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What happened then? I’ve only been around since 1.14

There are people in my alliance with 5500 trophies battling people with 6500-8000 trophies all the time now. Ludia messed up, and not just by changing shores. As I understood it 6k and up was relegated to the shores. 5500 is depot and if you have 8000+ you should not be battling depot people, period. @Ned please get them to at least put it back how it was. This season is officially wrecked due to the change, but please don’t kill next season too. The money spenders in my alliance are talking about quitting. I can’t imagine mine are the only ones…


It will be fine after reset. The issue is there are too many players in the beach. After reset player that would just get in will be knocked right out and those players will keep the player who just slide in at the end of the month. Overall just a lot less in beaches. The system should work well. There are just too many players in there right now that shouldn’t be

It’s worse after the monthly reset, I hover in mid Gyro and the beginning of the new season I end up matched against MUCH higher teams.

Then I guess you will be low gyro

Um, no it won’t. Their system is flawed. I have many alliance mates that have been bumped to gyro, that are still facing people who have 7-8k trophies regularly. Just saying it will be fine after the reset doesn’t make it so.

It’s during the weekend… they always “adjust” match making during tournaments… the true questions will they need to adjust it long term.

The idea that this end with just less people in beach… they changed this to shorten que times for top players if the result is less people in beach those que times go up again and more adjustments are to be had.

Is it written somewhere that they adjust matchmaking during the weekend? I’ve seen this said but I’ve never seen evidence of it. All this being said, there is something majorly wrong with the system because there were problems before the weekend started. It’s all up to ludia now, keep 10-100 people’s wait time down or make the majority of the players unhappy. It’s your move Ludia.

Stat boosts…

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