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$69.99 one time offer


Are you kidding me?
All the DNA I got from this one time offer is seems USELESS… too excited to get it but not too happy at all… as in NOT!! Gggrrrr!!! :rage::rage::rage:


That incubator… im sorry. Atleast if you figure in the cash and coins it was still better value then buying them seperately… but still that an incubator like that is why i refuse to buy incubators.


Thank you for sharing this!
That’s the next “one-time only” offer I’d have the opportunity to purchase…

Do to the fact that it sucks, I won’t be paying $69.99 (or any amount even close to that) for future “deals”

Correction: Ludia ~ when you charge people this much, give them a guarantee of what they’ll get.
RNG is not justifiable at this cost.

Also from an economics perspective: you will find that there is a cut-off price above which that a vast majority of your players will not be willing to pay for your “one time only offers.” You can keep “promotions” at this price point and take in only a handful of purchases or lower them to a more affordable level, at which point your sales will be much much higher. Your net should speak for itself. By keeping prices this high, you’re actually losing money (economic profit, not accounting profit)


Wow that is really really bad.


The “vast majority” of players are not the one’s paying Ludia’s bills. The 1% whales are.


Yehhh… microeconomics doesn’t really work that way

I’m not arguing that paying players keep Ludia running, but rather that an army of porpoises is more powerful than a pod of whales.

Also, Significantly More people will buy a 24.99 deal for an online game than how many would spend $50+ (Once u enter this price bracket, you are no longer in that “spontaneous purchase on a whim” price range and potential customers will think twice and are more likely to talk themselves out of the purchase)


Tell that to the people who throw 10k USD on a mobile game like it’s pocket change.


Before we digress … I’m sorry for your loss @Kopas_25

I’m out :raised_hands:t4:


Its been 5x I was offered this “one time offer” but I always refused. I know the hard cash and coins are equal to the amount I paid or even more and if I buy it separetely it costs me more but come on… at least 1 or 2 dna dinos that are USEFUL in any sense. This would be my last purchase on the incubators… I like the game, the battle, the forum but please LUDIA let your clients or gamers be well satisfied. I know its business but let those commodities are worth buying for… :man_facepalming:t2:


Well appreciated @Hersh…and the rest of you guys… :ok_hand:

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Wow…just woow… thats such a disapponting incubator. I’m so sorry for you. And thank very much for sharing…this reminds me again why i will never put money in this game and will stay free to play forever. I guess you will not be only one who will stop spending money in the future, if they they get disappointed like this. Cheers


There’s bad and then there’s that incubator - wow. But thank you; I’m just about to level up to 17 and had been wavering over the one time offer as I really (really) need some coin having passed on the last several; you have just reminded me why I need to be strong and give it a miss!


Sorry for this @Kopas_25.

Just want to ask that is that USD or some other country dollar? As I thought the offers are normally for USD 50? if for level 16 its increased to $70 then I would skip for sure.

I am currently looking forward to get this offer but seems like I might need to skip if its USB 70 now.

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Bad dna but that amount of coins and hard cash :heart_eyes:

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Oh wow, I didn’t even know the prices got that high. I though $50 was the max and I have a hard time even letting myself spend that much. They really should keep it at $25 or less. I’d buy it every time if it was only that much.


To me that offer seems like same which we Europeans get for 55€ and according to currency calculator it is equal to 63 usd.


I remembered all these one time offer I bought until lv20 are $49.99.
When did they raised the price? In ver.1.4 update?:thinking:

And I’ll say…yes, that incubator is the most worthless part of all level up one time offer.
I always buy them for coins and green bucks.


I’m sorry you spend $70 on WHAT?!! No casual mobile game is ever worth that kind of money, that should buy you a lifetimes subscription at the very least. Please stop wasting your money people!


Man, I know that feel. Except that I wasted 5 euros instead of 70 bucks. I was going after coins and notes, though.


That is the difference between you and the top players. Top players will always spend thousands.