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6th Community Design Challenge Winner: Cryaemotavis!

Welcome again forum goers, it’s come time again for a new community design contest! As before, all are more than welcome to check out the great artists over on the JWA Artwork thread, there’s many many talented people here and they are always updating with new projects! All are welcome to participate, there is no skill, experience, art style, or media restrictions!

The theme of this Challenge is:


Long have creatures of the ground feared what may strike from above. In prehistoric times, this fear was very real, and in the time of genetic manipulation it has become the stuff of nightmares. You may want to stay indoors.



•Create a hybrid pterosaur or bird(must be capable of powered flight) that is truly scary.

•Your ingredient animals do not have to be in the game. Use any animal you want!
}EX: Onychonycteris+Gorgosaurus=(H)+Aerotitan
}EX: Pyroraptor+Argentavis= (H)+Therizinosaurus
}EX: Paramoloch+Coloborhynchus
•You can use existing hybrids as a base to make a superhybrid, but you can not fuse 2 hybrids together.
•If you make a superhybrid, the hybrid parent does not need to be drawn. If you’d like to share it you can post it on the JWA Artwork thread!

•Color is optional
•You may use any art media you like including digital
•Give your creation a cool name to stand out!

•If you’d like to you can include a description of your flying terror, but this is optional
•For simplicity’s sake due to a mishap that’s come up occasionally during poll editing in past challenges I’d please ask to not include stats or abilities this time. Thank you!

•You can DM me your artwork when you are finished. Usually this was done so everyone’s work was as unique as possible, but lately there have been bots/spammers taking credit for others hard work. I want to make sure the proper artist gets their due credit :smile:

Deadline for submission is Friday November 1 at 7:00 PM EST

And our winner (regrettably) by people’s choice is: Cryaemotavis! Thank you to those who voted for mine. I would’ve preferred for one of my fellow artists to win because I thought I was honestly outclassed massively. Thank you everyone who entered! You all had creations that were amazing! I hope everyone had fun with our prompt this time :slight_smile:

The voted winner: Cryaemotavis


Cryaemotavis, meaning “frozen earthquake bird” is a highly specialized aerial predator. Formed from Argentavis, Cryodrakon, and Thylacosmilus DNA, the combination of mammal, reptile, and avian genes has had curious results. The feathers have keratinized to become jagged, as if a primitive armor, as well as making a telltale crystalline twinkling noise. It has long cartilage ligaments to form rear “false wings” that counter the movement of its flight wings. This allows stable flight for such a massive avian. Most dangerously it has a sabered beak.

It has taken to hunting bipeds with extreme precision, using its mass and massive talons to impale prey to the ground being unable to bear the weight on two legs. This dive bombing technique is devastating. The earthquake it was named for comes from the shattering noise of its prey’s legs and ribs. It’s saber beak is then used to decapitate or strangle struggling prey with extreme force.

Our 2nd place digital artwork: @stoian

And our 2nd place original design: Z-66F @GermanRaptor



Z-66F. Short „Sixty-Six“. Dr. Henry Wu created a lethal pterosaur hybrid with the ability to hunt only in the dark. Even though she is blind, she locates her prey with dozens of antennas on her body. Her transparent wings are covered with a very thin, fur-like structure, minimizing the sound during her flights. Sixty-Six killed her other 8 siblings in the incubator, right before the species would receive a name. At age of 9 months, she escaped from her cage, leaving a trail of blood behind her. She loves to lure her victims into a trap and then she attacks it, mostly she keeps hanging on walls or from the top of a room before her final strike. Her actual location is unknown, but there are reports about a creepy, ghost-like creature from a near city.

Here’s the rest of our amazing submissions:


Firstly we have @Death_Raptor and their destructive Ornithovoces


Behold, Ornithovoces! Meaning “Thunder Bird”, this absolute giant superhybrid between Giraffatitan, Quetzalcoatlus, and Tanycolagreus strikes fear into the hearts of all who encounter it. The gusts of wind that it can make simply by flying overhead can cause small campfires to become hyper-oxygenated, and make full on forest fires!

Followed by @Qiew and their amazing Dimodactyldon


Hybrid of dimodactylus and troodon.

Followed by @Erlikg2 very clever Naga


With a name that translates to dragon, the Naga combines reptilian and avian aspects, resulting in a truly powerful and intelligent flyer hybrid.

Next up is @Stygimoloch_29 and their super cool Alanmarkyloss


This is a hybrid of Alankylosaurus and Amargasaurus

Then we have @Zerk114 who is new so we are very glad to have their submission! They made the fantastic Cruenturion


My hybrid is named Cruenturion (unique).
It’s name loosely means “bloody hunger” in Latin.

Stats: (Low health, high attack, similar to raptors)

Cautious strike
Lethal Wound
Nullifying rampage
Long Protection

Swap in defense (1 turn bound for 2)

Speed: 130
Armor: 0

Background: This hybrid is composed of troodasuchus(legendary) and pteranodon. Troodasuchus is another made up hybrid made of troodon(epic) and nundasuchus. The face is terrifying because Cruenturion has troodon’s sharp eyesight and a powerful jaw from nundasuchus and pteranodon.

Followed by @Leegsma22 and their surprisingly friendly Carnalankylus


This huge hybrid is very friendly (what wasn’t really expected), but you still really don’t want to make it angry!
With its armored and horned head it can hit something with a strenght of 30.000 newton!
So if it wants to, it can easily knock down everything it wants. So I guess we should be happy its relatively friendly!:smile:

Then we have one of our veterans @Slogokok34 and his incredible Vampypelis


A hybrid resulting from Enchodus, Rahonavis and Rhamphorynchus, Vampypelis is a small blood sucking bird that normally attacks in groups Lange creatures like Sauropods and Tyrannosaurids
It uses its 2 pairs of sharp teeth to either make holes on the skin of its victim or to rip off a chunk of meat
Being a small creature means that its likely to be killed by large areal creatures, so in order to avoid predators Vampypelis has a unique feature: the 2 feathered legs act like a pair of secondary wings, helping this flying hybrid to soar higher to escape predators; however it can’t flap those legs as it still needs the basic structure of the legs to land

During courtship the male positions sideways from the female and uses the pair of stringed feathers at the end of the tail to “tickle” the face of the female (who is larger than the male), at the same time it inflates its throat like a frigatebird while swooping around the female
The outcome for the male is unlucky though: if the female isn’t convinced she’ll attack the male until it leaves it badly injured or (in the worst cases) dead, and if she accepts they mate; sounds nice until breeding time comes.
Because the female is larger than the male means that she isn’t as quick-reflexed as the male and so it means that she has to hide in a tree hole, covering the entrance with mud just like hornbills and for the rest of the season the male has to do all the hard work: bring food and nest materials and defending the nest; the female, inside her hole, can only sit and care for the young until they’re big enough to be outside, which mean that the male has to get rid of all the mud that covers the hole
The fledglings are cared for the next 8 months until they are ready to fly and leave their parents territory, which normally happens during full moon

Followed up by @Grym_REDACTED and their beautifully complex Aethazhdaregina helixxi


Aethazhdaregina helixxi
“Divine Dragon Queen”


  • Arambourgiania
  • Quetzalcoatlus
  • Tupuxuara
  • Dsungaripterus
  • Darwinopterus
  • Sharovipteryx
  • Therizinosaurus
  • Falcarius
  • Majungasaurus
  • Nanotyrannus
  • Halzkaraptor
  • Resplendent Quetzal
  • Osprey
  • Screech Owl
  • Griffon Vulture
  • Giant Albatross
  • Peacock
  • Cassowary
  • Flying Fox
  • Sugar Glider
  • Paradise Tree Snake
  • Nile Monitor Lizard
  • Cuban Cattleheart Butterfly
  • Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly

The true queen of the skies, Aethazharegina, or “Moura” as by the creator, towers over any other azhdarchid in sheer height. Formed by the delicacy and ferocity of Mother Nature’s aerial creatures, she towers Quetzalcoatlus, standing 12 meters at the shoulder, wingspan well over 20 meters.
Her skull is not like most pterosaurs, short and blunt like that of an abelisaur or early pterosaur. In fact, it could be like a crested pterosaur like Tapejara or Tupandactylus without the crest. Inside the mouth are two rows of teeth used for snatching smaller prey items, including larger azhdarchids. Her wings are tremendously large, with translucent membrane that refract the sun’s rays, blinding prey. The wings are adorned with feathers, stripes, and spots of color, giving this creature a sense of power. They end with tail feathers in the shape of a spade, that can be spread out like a peacock’s feathers. Her head and neck are covered in larger feathers , with a cobra-like hood on the neck, going down to the shoulders. The tail is bristling with sharp spines amidst the feathers, so that any foolish land theropod trying to take a chunk of her from behind, will receive a mouthful of spines. Her talons are small, yet strong, used for grabbing or batting prey out of the sky. It is possible that future male specimens have brighter colors and feathers to attract females.
The creature’s temperament is strange. Normally, she is a gentle giant with the occasional bat in the eye to theropods, but mostly she is passive. When aggravated however, a throaty loud hissing could be heard and felt, and she will rise on her feet and rear her neck, spreading her hood and wings, bristling the feathers and spines.
Vocalization of “Moura” is a very interesting topic of study. Her earlier-mentioned hissing could sometimes be replaced by a sort of metallic shriek at times. Or, something like deep songbird calls or whale cries could be heard in mid flight. Music seems to attract the creature, sometimes being lured in to the sounds of migrating birds or loud music.
Prey items of this hybrid includes small pterosaurs, juvenile azhdarchids, theropods, hadrosaurs, and even sauropods.

Now we have Sarahsaurusrex and her hostile creation Compkenyx

Then we have MarijkeVZ who made quite the air devil in Diaboluscaeli


This hybrid from Dracorex and Alankylosaurus has a vicious and terratorial nature. His name means Airdevil and not only because of its looks. It attacks dinosaurs, but also other airdevils. These fights won’t stop untill one of the 2 is dead.

So which artwork was your favorite? Certainly each one of these would make your terror Soar! Carefully consider the different creations our artists put together and how they envisioned them to make your choice! Thank you to all of our artists who submitted, we know how hard you worked on your creation, and value them as such :smile: Great job everyone!!

  • Death_Raptor’s Ornithovoces
  • Qiew’s Dimodactyldon
  • Erlikg2’s Naga
  • Stygimoloch_29’s Alanmarkyloss
  • Zerk114’s Cruenturion
  • Leegsma22’s Carnalankylus
  • Stoian’s Diplodocus+Dimodactylus hybrid
  • Slogokok34’s Vampypelis
  • Grym_REDACTED’s Aethazhdaregina
  • GermanRaptor’s Z-66F
  • Sarahsaurusrex’s Compkenyx
  • MarijkeVZ’s Diaboluscaeli
  • Dinomaster’s Cryaemotavis

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Poll will close and results will be viewable Sunday November 3 at 4:00 PM EST

Let’s hope for lots of votes! Sorry to Sarahsaurus and MarijkeVZ I couldn’t @ you guys, it stops at 10 mentions :man_shrugging:


Awesome, I can’t wait to see all the artworks! :blush:


I’m excited to see these!


Hey, maybe if you guys aren’t busy you could join as well! I’d love to see your artworks and I’m sure other people will to


What do you mean whit this?

}EX: Onychonycteris+Gorgosaurus=(H)+Aerotitan
}EX: Pyroraptor+Argentavis= (H)+Therizinosaurus
}EX: Paramoloch+Coloborhynchus

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Just examples of what can be done, sorry for any confusion


Oh shoot! How have I not seen this yet?! I better work quickly!!!


I’m having an idea, now I need to get it on paper in time :scream:


I’ve got a couple of ideas. I can adapt a drawing i was already working on to fit.


Nice, looking forward to seeing all the amazing artwork that comes from this.


Let the games begin


Maybe stupid question, but I don’t have to use a hybrid right?


Very nice theme, already got some ideas and doing some sketches. :slight_smile:
Very curious what the other artists will present and I‘m hoping for many contributions! :+1:t2:


Your end result will be a hybrid, but no you don’t have to use a hybrid as a parent ingredient

If you have any other questions let me know!


Where do you send the pictures?

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you DM @DinoMaster3000

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Does that mean you write @ and then the guy’s name to send it?

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no, click on his name and there’ll be an option that says “send message”; you click there and modify the DM


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