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7.1 Likes and Dislikes so Far

We can’t play on my phone yet but can on our ipads.

You can stop and go on a dime compared to before. This is going to take some getting use to. It’s OK. I’ll live. I think the old way was more realistic.

I like you can “whoosh” up to them faster which I like.
I don’t like the extra brightness when you get your coins and darts. I can’t see the numbers unless I want to wait a second or two to see the amounts when the bright flash clears.

I put together an all level 10 team. Got one battle so far. My team average was 10. The opponent team was average was 9 exactly although they threw out an 8, 9 and 10 dino. I felt bad, I destroyed them with my T-rex gen 2, 3-0. I won 6 trophy’s, ha, ha. This will be more fun because I don’t have to have the strongest of common and rares to have a chance to win as before going up against level 13 to 16 dino’s. So now I can actually play them all.

I’ll let you know when I can actually play.

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i don’t like the darting.

i do like i have an iPhone so i can complain about the game.

haven’t tried battles yet.

game keeps crashing and is laggy, but i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s due to the update and a large amount of downloads and so on.

wait… we’re already into 7.1?
we’re not even into 1.7 yet…

That’s it? The forum told me 1.7 would be manna from Heaven.

Unlike the pink boxes that spun slowly the orange ones now give a white blinding flash and you cannot see the rewards


Beat me to it!

Really not sure how I feel about stat boosts; I’ve pumped my Thor up to 121 speed and so far it feels as dumb as it sounds lmao

Trash i wont have the feeling to Go out and hunt…still Not Worth it

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asides from things that everyone says, here are some sleek details that i currently like

  1. they fixed proceretamimus’s art to have a purple background
  2. new dinos (asides from epics that i currently havent created and koola one) look really nice
    3)incubator opening speed increased which is nice
    4)finally L4 isnt ship*
    5)papchycephalosaurus art is changed and this version looks way more badass
  3. i am being matched up to way closer people to me levelwise (the matchmaking is broken and i get 1 match in 10 minutes but still when i do it feels more balanced)

Yes the blinding light is awful killed my eyes