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7/12 - 7/18 week

Here is next weeks event calendar

How would you rate this week?

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Also what are you darting?

Here is mine

Commons: Nothing
Rares: Doedicurus
Epic: Ankylosaurus

I’m going to call this a vacation week where I don’t feel the need to get out and hunt any certain creatures down. I can recoup some of the tens of thousands of coins I’ve been burning through leveling up creatures from the last two updates.

I may work to get a little extra Deodicurus and Antarctpelta.


I’m very excited for antarctopelta

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Absolutely nothing of any interest

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Meh. Probably will dart a few Antarctopelta just because it’s an exclusive, but I’m not really interested in anything honestly.

Will art meilolania, scolosaurus, antarctopelta and carbonemys

For me, I will dart common:scolo, rare: meilo, and epic: ankylosaurus

Antar and doedi

Doedicurus, Meiolania, and Antarctopelta are what I’m going for

Doedic and Anky are the main ones I’ve been waiting for. The game has suddenly decided that it’s a great day for me to try for Dioraja.

Nothing for the commons, Moschops + Doedicurus for Rares, and Antarctopelta + Anky for Epics. Happy for the Megisto DNA tho.