7/23 new weekly… crocos?


Definitely a suchus week.
All these are for Megalosuchus & Postimetrodon.

5 rares, but Koola Gen2 & Posto comes first, give 10 attempts.

Special Event: 4th Week of July Showcase

The format for this week seems interesting: 5 rares, 1 common and 1 Epic/Hybrid.

Rare Group1(23Jul - 24Jul) : Postosuchus, Koolasuchus Gen2 (Total 10 attempts)

Rare Group2(??Jul - ??Jul) : Gorgosaurus, Kaprosuchus, Megalosaurus (Total 15 attempts)

Commons (??Jul):Nundasuchus (Total 12 attempts)

Epic/Hybrid (29Jul??) :Gorgosuchus (Total 3 attempts)

Note: The event day starts around 10:15am EST US and continues till 9:15am EST past the ending day. There might be a gap of 1hr at the end where you won’t see the dinos before next set of dino spawns.
Also, though the in-app notification might say “Today is Deinocherius…”, you can catch either of the dinosaurs during the that group event duration. You need to look at the right park to find the one you are looking for. Smaller parks sometimes spawn just one of the types.


Well, this is certainly going to be a 10x Postosuchus, 3x Gorgosuchus, 15x Kaprosuchus week for me. No contest here. Kaprosuchus literally never spawns around here, I only have her thanks to 12hour incubators, and I need her both for Megalosuchus and Spinotasuchus… This is the event we’ve been expecting, people!


I’m actually hyped for this. I only need 10 more dna for Gorhosuchas, and the other cros can be used for fusions.


This event is so bad, i only will go for kaprosuchus and gorgosuchus but no real insterest in they


Actually, is one of those Megalosaurus…probably got the name wrong…or is it Gen2Rex?


Megalosaurus. This week is for Megalosuchus


The last dino out there is Megalosaurus, it’s clear.

But the thing I wanna say is:

Gorgosaurus + Kaprosuchus = Gorgosuchus
Gorgosuchus + Megalosaurus = Megalosuchus

That’s an advanced hybrid, and all the ingredients contained in this week.


Okay, I couldn’t tell; both dinos look similar and both have stripes. Cool, so we’re getting quite the collection this week!


Yea i will do 10x postrosuchus, and then a few kaprosuchus and megalausaurus probably evenly balanced. So i can start collecting for megalosuchus thingy, he souns awsome. I love this weeks event already


Well, I have a few Kapros here every day, so no need to farm them (my Gorgosuchus already reached LV 15+) … and Koolasuchus/Gorgosaurus are some of the most common Rares anyway.

So I will only catch these Postosuchus, Megalosaurus and Gorgosuchus this week. But still great, was expecting something like that.


Koolasuchus Gen2 is INCREDIBLY common where I am, so definitely aiming for Postosuchus for starters. Gonna go with Kaprosuchus next, since I’ve never seen seen one in the wild. Skip Nunda, most common spawn for me. And aim for Gorgosuchus if I can find time.


Went to hunt for Postosuchus in a park that has 8-10 spots and always different dinos when more than 2 for that period, when I go there it was only 8-10 Koolasuchus Gen2 no Postosuchus at all??? did we go back to 1 dino to catch a day now??


Ditto for me!! More than 50% of the total rares I find at my place are Gorgosaurus and Koolasuchus Gen2 (and Dimetridon). Post July migration, I also find a decent amount of Kaprosuchus along with Amargasaurus and Nodosaurus.

So, only Postosuchus, Megalosaurus and Gorgosuchus for me!! I am happy about the grouping :smiley:


In the park near me, I see both Koolasuchus Gen2 and Postosuchus! For me, in this park I see 70% Posto vs 30% Koola. So it would be luck and park based on what u see.


Totally called this upcoming special event :grin:

Been looking forward to this special event hybrid from the start. 15x on megalosaurus for sure, and probably all on the posto. Hoping to get my lvl 17 megalosuchus to a lvl 20 by the end of this :blush:


“Postosuchus Park”