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7 active players looking clan or fusion


we have an alliance of 25 where the majority does not work. We are 7 very active and we never lose an alpha shot. We look for the same, and we do not care about a fusion or founding a new clan. We only look for real active people


I just created a new clan. I am a very active player and I would love to start a strong active clan! Do you guys want to join? My clans name is Midnight Furies



We are a german clan looking forward new and activ members. We are 24 persons (1 Slot Reserve to choose new members).

We have round about 9-12 really active Players. Our Alpha-Points are 16.300! Please reply my post and we can talk about.

Of course you can join with all your acriv friends. We can edit the Clan name, too.

-Ruhrpott Dragons-


hi onkel, we are spanish and english people.
All of you speak english?


Hi Peludeitor!

In my opinion this is no problem.
Most of us can speak english :wink:

So it doesn’t matter where you are come from


Hey :slight_smile:

Have you already decided?