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7* Alpha dead and gone

Finally we did it. First time Ludia show us a 7* Alpha that wasnt a Bewilderbeast, Valhallas Finest kicked its a**.

If the luck is with us tonight and it give us anyone else then Bewilderbeast, were gonna do it again.

Remember that our sister clan, Valhallas Outlaws, is still looking for active good members. In the future, that will be the only place we take members from. We share Discord, so you will get to talk and ask questions to the best players in the game.

//Farmer Jay


Damn, man, you even started signing your posts that have your name above them! That’s definitely a sign of accomplishment, well done, really happy for you. Looking forward to the stats of an 8-star Alpha and all that drama that they bring.

Dead and gone with energy left over!

Now if only Ludia didn’t slap us with a THIRD Bewilderbug right after…

You need to pay more to remove that feature :rofl:

Sweet! Well done. Keep up the good work!

You mean to say you have 2 clans? How’s that possible!

Was that a reply to me? No I dont got a second clan. We as a clan got a sister clan. We share a discord and we recruit from there. But ofcourse I cant be a leader of 2 clans.

Yes! I’m just curious as to how this works, and if one can have 2 clans or something. So, it seems as if you got some trusted member to start up this sister clan, since a clan can’t have more than 25 members, right?

Thats right. And this way we can see if the people fit in our clan. Were very active and friendly minded. Not as toxic as some other clans, no one named. So its important that they have a personality that fit in aswell. We call us a little family and we wish to stay that way :slight_smile:

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That’s great. :slight_smile: