7 days is too long


To wait for my 4286 cash in game from a completed offer, gone through TapJoy with no reply at all, so who do I now contact before I go through Google and claim ALL my purchases back? Giving it 24 more hours before I go the Google route.


I would’ve waited 3 days and went the hard way, these companies promise a lot but give nothing…


That’s very true, but I get things go wrong which is why I’ve given them this long.

I hate the way they all point the blame at each other so you end up going back and forth in the hope you’ll just give up and walk away.

Took 2 weeks for Ludia support to reply to a log in issue, by which time it was already sorted, just as well as if I’d stopped playing at all by now.


I seriously doubt they have more than 4 people sitting in their customer support. They give 0 **** (yes otherwise I’m flagged again, another example of them not doing anything, they just flag any bad word so they don’t have to monitor any of their forums. It just monitors itself since any possible word that could be bad is instantly flagged) about what we think about their game, they just put it out there and make money off of it.


How funny, this one was flagged aswell xD


Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely love this game, graphics, the way it’s made, how you play. It’s awesome, there is just no further support outside of the actual game…


Oh yeah the games great for the most part, which is why we bother to come here to complain and/or seek help, but it’s a blatant cash grab with little to no support structure.

And yes the forum filter is beyond annoying!


I finished 2 offers, didn’t get reward, send the mails to them, replied asking for screenshots, I sent them screenshot of the game I was playing for the offers, got my reward same day


I attached my screenshots with my original ticket to hopefully speed things up. That idea fell flat on it’s face.


Same boat essentially, giving it maybe a day before I consider this fraud