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7 dinos. Is that "balance"?

I just tallied up the different dinos on the top 250 teams, and rather than try to make some big chart laying it all out, let me put it this way… 7 dinos. All of the top 250 use 7 dinos (at least 5 on the team, if not all 7). Not surprising, all but one are very RNG dependent.

Indo - dodge
Tryko - crit
Thor - crit
Erlidom - dodge
Utarinex - stun
Dilo - stun

The next highest two were spino and tenonto, then magna, then a few tanks (I’m including monostego here), then a few random things. The strangest thing I saw? A level 29 edmontosaurus.

Seems the only way to be competitive is to be repetitive

Oh, and the reason I did this? Because it was more interesting than actually battling…

EDIT: I think it also shows just how unbalanced the uniques are.


In the last couple months, there have been many posts stressing the need for more variety and hopefully change is coming. Hang in there, a lot of us are on the boring bus with you!


They ain’t unbalanced, WHAT WORLD ARE YOU FROM, The anti-ludia dimension?, and I mean it, they ain’t unbalanced!:angry:, Why so many" nerf this, this is unbalanced", threads

Every unique should be viable, and by that I mean they all should be strong equal so every one uses different dinos.


I agree will( forgot them username, but I think you know).

It I ever make top 250, expect to see my Ankylocodon up there. :laughing:


It doesn’t last… believe me. :frowning: I had to bench my L30 some time ago.

Me too with my 30 Meg…

3 megs in the top 250, FYI.


I need more 29s and 30s, been hesitant leveling anything.

I’ll make it work, I like a challenge!
I love the reactions I get when I bring it out. It always takes a few more seconds for them to react, and then it almost always takes them 10 seconds to swap to another dino when Anky beats the tar out of their Erli, Indo, or deino. Its great.

Tryko was the clear winner with 221 out of a possible 250.



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And your Tany please!

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I saw one Tany.

I wonder how much time it took you to see 250 teams

Basically the time it takes to watch Avengers:Infinity War, which was on in the background… lol


Oh yeah! Can’t forget about Tany!

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Lmao good job!

Here’s the “7” totals for the top 250. May not be exact as leaderboard was refreshing, but I did not see a lot of positions changing.

Indocraptor - 216
Thorn - 186
Trykie - 221
Utarinex - 186
Dilo-roach - 212
Erlidumb - 182
DC - 172

I think spino was the next highest at 127.