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7* vs 10* alpha chests

Currently there is only a negligible difference between level 7 and level 10 alpha chests. The rewards aren’t enough to make players want to advance. In fact, many choose to fight lower alphas in order to get keys faster. This gives them more rewards than fighting higher level alphas as they place higher.

Previously I’ve suggested increased premium token odds (1 in over 6 months is way too low) or a chance at 3* scales. I think putting these chances in a 10* alpha chest would draw many people to wanting to fight 10* alphas


Keep in mind that some players exploit the Alpha battle system to defeat multiple Alphas per day. That is why some players already have a maxed Maeve’s Buffalord.

Ludia needs to fix the exploit first. Then they need to improve the rewards on Level 10 Alpha chests.

But, don’t hold your breath. It will probably be a while before Ludia does anything about Alpha battles.

Arena is a currently a mess. There are still tons of bugs that need to be fixed. And I think Ludia is working on a special event for the Holidays.

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I agree totally. We tried to bring a member from light to main today and game said he already hit cap with 0 clan changes. Meanwhile others manage to change clans more than 3 times a day.

Nice think is increasing rewards wouldnt cause bugs and could be adjusted easily