700 trophy difference, seriously?

Yeah, they really really improved the matchmaking… (not my account, my daughters)

But did she win? :slight_smile:

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You can’t really tell what the opponents’ current trophy count is (since it only shows your their season high count) so it may be much lower than that.

This makes it hard to guess if the mm is fair based on displayed trophy count alone. My son, also level 12 and in Badlands/Lockdown, gets similar opponents (and no more bots after 2 losses which used to help).


Ignore trophy count differences.
They don’t matter much in match making.

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600 trophy is ok, the worst now for arena is not just losing over all the boosted dino.
It is when you lost 10 matches straight and they reward u a bloody 15mins incubator and u have to go another 10 rounds.
It is just RIDICULOUS…

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The incubators you get are on a rotation, you get a 15 min one after every 4 others. That shouldn’t be a surprise.


Uhm… nope :wink:

I’ve been battling players with over 900+ trophies and showing they’re 2 arenas above me. Every Dino at least 5 levels above me. Not to mention the last 5 battles my team of 4 hasn’t changed. Seriously?!? So much for fun anymore.


I sooooo hear you

That doesn’t mean they’re actually that far above you - you can only see their season high trophy count.

Example: My “official count”, the only number others can see, is 5,048 (Lockwood Library). My actual isn’t so pretty - after a prolonged losing streak trying to get an incubator and repeatedly getting matched with OP Thoras and rats I have only 4,353 trophies - nearly 700 fewer than I appear to have.

So my recent opponents might think they were matched with someone hundreds of trophies above them (and very proud they beat me). But that isn’t reality at all.


Last week, I was getting matched up against opponents with three level 27 uniques and getting crushed. The suggestion is that they continued to climb up the ladder and wound up knocking other players down the ladder who had far higher trophy counts, but were now actually closer to my own trophy count?

That is both feasible and likely. I hadn’t considered that the “ripple effect” would continue to push us down in waves as players who passed us settled into the new system. It certainly would explain why I am now finally back to close to what my trophy count was before 1.8 dropped, and also why I seem to be getting fairer matches over the last few days.

The real problem is the fact that the “Recent Opponents” displays their tournament trophy count, rather than their count at the time we played them. It is all about perception.

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I am ranked 700+ with over 5300 trophies. AND who did I get matched against (a few days ago)? Only the Number 1 & Number 3 player. Lol. One after the other…
Oh…lost both battles (naturally) 3-0.
Was trying hard to get Ludia to match me with the Number 2 player just to make it a trifecta but no such luck.


It does when the arenas match just about their trophy count. Amount of trophy’s may be frozen but the arenas still update…

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