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75% chance dodge is Worthless

Almost everything now can clear dodge and there is no way it is actually a 75% chance. I would say 66% would be a generous estimate. And, that’s not just for me. If I’m going up against someone with 75% dodge, I assume at least 1 out of 2 will get through. Is this just me or are they going to fix this?


Yeah I really don’t understand why dodge has a chance to mess up when there’s so many ways to remove it/get past it, having your dinos survival rely entirely on RNG really sucks.

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75% chance stun is a WAY higher chance than 75% dodge.

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Me who runs a Spinoconstrictor that almost always dodges:


You have good days, you have bad days, just keep calm and press on. You’ll get it eventually


I haven’t seen a spinocon in 50+ battles. Maybe it works in lower lvls so they don’t care, but I think they are intentionally dropping actual dodge rates of Indo and erlid (which most people can easily get to high lvls) to try to get them to switch and spend real money on boosts/coins for other dinos.

Well, when I ran those two, they both dodged somewhat consistently, so idk what to tell you

If Ludia was doing that they would just say so it’s not like they care what the player base thinks about their changes lol

I think the idea is Dodge only has a chance to work because you can potentially avoid more damage than with a Shield, though yeah, it’s much easier to remove/ignore Dodge largely because of the abundance of Resilient and Precise/Superiority compared to Fierce/Shattering/Definite moves. Technically, your expected value for damage mitigation is the same from both (50%, as you expect that Shields not including Invinc will block 50% of damage 100% of the time, and you expect that Dodges will generally block 67% of damage 75% of the time), but it’s inconsistent, and consistency is generally valued over inconsistent power

I don’t know what a good solution is, personally.

Honestly, I don’t mind that resilient strike removes dodge. What I DO mind, is the fact that indom absolutely gets destroyed by resilients because of resilient strike. Like seriously, indom is a fierce. It beats cunnings better than it beats resilients. Cmon Ludia!

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Agree i-rex was supposed to counter resilients but resillient strike just means resilients can outdamage indominus rex

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so yeah resilient strike needs a slight nerf

Or make indom have a special cloak that isn’t affected by resilients, so it keeps its advantage over them, but erlidom is still weak to them!

Why not just get rid of the removal of cloak on resilient strike?

My rework for resilient strike

Tbh I feel like just renamimg the superiority moves and getting rid of resilient strike would be better

But I still like the rework

My Erlidominus has also been pretty good at dodging, but I kind have to agree with the OP. With as many ways as there are of bypassing or removing Dodge entirely, the Cunnings desperately need something to make the playing field a little more even for them, and I really think upgrading all Dodging mechanics to have a 100% chance of dodging is going to give them a much better chance at remaining relevant in the meta.

Honestly, I do think that we should go back to the old dodge, but with tweaks. Dodge will alway mitigate damage, but there is less chance of hitting the no damage taken. My thought is have it 33.3% on everything. 33.3% Chance to dodge all damage, 33.3% Chance to dodge 66.7% of damage, and 33.3% Chance to dodge 25% of damage (Maybe 33.3% damage, if needed). That way, dodge actually works like a dodge should, evading most or all damage, not the current you’ll always take damage.

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Well, What about erlidom? It would get TOO op in the battles.