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75% Stuns are not 75%


Ever since patch 1.6 was released, the rate that “75% chance to stun” stuns has most certainly dropped from what they have been leading up to this point. For anyone that watched my recent Friendly Draft League Championship match, there’s prime evidence that the rate of these stuns do not live up to what they were once upon a time prior to Patch 1.6. Members of my alliance have echoed a similar sentiment, even so much as one player mentioned their Diloracheirus had an instance where their stun failed to stun ELEVEN times in a row.

I’m sure many more in the community at large has noticed this, no?

Stuns broke
[News] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.7 Patch (05/02)

It is my dilo who failed to stun ELEVEN! times in a row. This is just not acceptable. Mark’s post is absolutely true. Please fix this Ludia.


For me it’s longer than 1.6… During 1.5 My Utasino failed to stun eight times in a row… Then it stun once… and failed four more times…


BUT… Stegod with a 5% crit will nail you each and every time.


Ludia, please please please fix this problem! It really making the battles super difficult!!


This is something that Ludia has to take a closer look at. So many situations where Stun was key decider and it failed!

Surely this ain’t a fluke?! :roll_eyes:


Easier for me. I have noticed it too but I only have dilorach on my team for stunning.

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Funny that a 75% chance to stun only works less than 25% of the time. Ludia must be using the new math for calculation. Rithmetic made easy!!


I could tell you my erlikosaurus has got more crits than utasino landing a stun, lol


I experienced the same “problem” as well! Pls look into it Ludia!


Need to get super vip for proper percentages.


It’s $19.95 a month and they take 15% of your total coin collection at the end of the day as an admin fee.


I agree! Rng in general seems to be broken. Dodges, stuns, crits, etc. everything seems to be in sets and not truly random.

However, 75% stuns seem to be the most egregious


I really don’t know why they don’t change 75% to 95%. I mean, if you are going to let regular crit rate be 5% and that means “This doesn’t happen very often” and you want stuns to happen a majority of the time… why not?


I agree…


0% stuns in this match…


Damn green chicken stuns me every single time… I need to start getting matched up against you guys


Super annoying bug. It’s like the game try to fail me in a match and keeps me from climbing up the rank.

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I’ve explained this a lot in past posts but maybe it was missed. 75% chance of stun does not mean that 75% of your stun attacks will stun. It means that each particular attack has a 75% chance of being a stun. It is very possible to get a long string of attacks that don’t stun as you described but that does not mean that anything is broken.

The comparison I use that helps most people understand probability is the coin toss example. When you toss a coin you have a 50% chance of it being heads. But is it possible to get tails 11 times in a row? Yes. Did that result change your % chance? No, you still have a 50% chance every time you toss it.


I have also noticed an unsually high frequency of failed stuns with Monosteg and Dilora. Whether it’s due to bad RNG or not, a check on the mechanism is warranted and appreciated.

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