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7th comunity design challenge: paleo-cember

Hello there lads, it’s time to see your great ideas once more in this challenge.
as you see above the theme is more related to Christmas (specially with only a month away) and we’re going to switch into the cute side of genetic modifications
so here’s the rules:

  1. ingredients can be Cenozoic or Mesozoic and others (like birds, mammals, proto-mamals, etc. But NO carnivores allowed except if it’s a Cenozoic creature or a pterosaur)
  2. you can draw it in young form (like a cub or baby version)
  3. stats and moves cannot be added to the description

with all that in mind you have until next friday to DM the design to @DinoMaster3000, because IDK how to do the vote template; Oof

good luck and let’s get drawing!


Might wanna stick this on the art thread… I’ll do that.


So no carnivores at all, and no dinos?

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no, you can use dinos but only herbivores

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Gotcha, awesome!

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ah SHUCKS i cant do theropods?? And it has to be cute??? Oh well, let’s see what I can do. It’ll look bad…

You can do Theropods, but no carnivores; Ornithomimids and Therizinosaurs are allowed

Hybrids or super hybrids?

What’s the end date?

Next Friday

It can be one of the 2

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Can it be Cenozoic Carnivores?
And is required hybrids?


the result is a hybrid, and yes you can use a carnivorous cenocoic (like Smilodon, Andrewsarchus, Megalania, etc.)

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Mine will have a Christmas hat on.

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So basically a cute herbivore hybrid as baby?

Sounds interesting, I‘ll try and also enough time, great. :smiley:
I‘m more the carnivore type it‘ll be a challenge to create a herbivore.

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Turns out I’m not gunna be able to make this one… Sorry guys. :sweat_smile:

Great idea @Slogokok34! I’m eager to see who can make the cutest hybrid, we always make things that look so vicious :laughing:

Tbh, I was planning on doing an aerial theme; but since you used it in the previous competition I decided to go for something related to Christmas