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7th comunity design winner: Mammuthoceratops

alright lads! ttime is up and these are the creatures we got, so grab a cracker, hot chocolate and read carefuly these hybrid’s descriptions for you to choose InGen’s cuttest!

and our winner is @GermanRaptor and his Mammothoceratops, confratulations to everyone that participated anyways

here’s an insight on his creation


Mammuthoceratops (legendary)

Woolly Mammoth (epic) x Sinoceratops (epic)

This hybrid is InGen‘s first hybrid that has mammal-like fur. The scientists of Jurassic World combined the tank abilities of Sinoceratops with the strength and characteristics of the Woolly Mammoth.
Mammuthoceratops is the only dinosaur, that is able to survive in very cold habitats. It eats the few plant species that live in its habitat but also tends to eat dead flesh if the option is given.

Since Mammuthoceratops is extremely peaceful and has no natural enemies to fear, InGen decided to let the creatures live in wild habitats with no or poor population of animals.

and here’s the other exiting contestant’s hybrids

First up we have @Erlikdom and their bristled Trichesaurus


(Bristle Lizard)

Young Trichesaurus posses a stripe running down their backs, allowing them to camouflage in grassy plains. As they mature, this stripe disappears, and is replaced with its intimidating bristles, hence its name

Then we’ve got @Stygimoloch_29 and their adorable Nasutolodon GEN 2


(Nasutolodon Gen2): Nasutoceratops + Smilodon Gen 2 {Epic}


Long Decelerating Strike (x1)
Precise Pounce (x2)
Greater Stunning Strike (x1)
Ferocious Regeneration (+50% Dmg +25% HP)

Swap in Prowl (50% Dodge and Critical)

{About This Creature}:

Like its relative (Nasutolodon Gen1), Gen2 lives in fully frozen environments and survives by eating frozen creeping plants.

Last but not least is your one and… (only, which isn’t true) host and the super cool Pagonkourus


With a name meaning “parrot-toothed kangaroo”, Pagonkourus is slightly bigger than its hybrid parent procoptodon; this marsupial-like reptile has one unique characteristic that barely any alive animal can do: give birth to love young.
During breeding season, a female Pagonkourus will lay an egg and quickly place it on her pouch because if its left exposed to heat it could die in minutes, after placing it on its pouch the mother will lay the egg for almost 7 months; and once it hatches, the baby will stay on her mother’s pouch for another 6 months before his legs have enough strength to support him when standing

Pagonkourus is also able to leap a distance of 3.5 Mt in a single jump, much longer than a cougar when pouncing; this is helpful when living in a desert like the Australian outback, when in danger a group of Pagonkourus can either hide or flea, their skin pattern really helps them to camouflage in dead vegetation and bushes. Young Pagonkourus have almost no skin pattern and the color of their fur is mostly gold, enough to keep it hidden on an open grassland

alright, you finished the meal and seen the hybrids; now bote ofr your favourite one here!

  • Erlikdom’s Trichesaurus
  • Stygimoloch_29’s Nasutolodon GEN 2
  • GermanRaptor’s Mammuthoceratops
  • Slogokok34’s Pagonkorus

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it was an honor being your host for this occation and with that to the next time

SK99 out.


Difficult choices!

Nice job putting it all together too! Sorry I couldn’t participate this time, I didn’t see the challenge soon enough to whip something together :sweat_smile:

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They are all good.

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Oh I have to admit I‘m kinda disappointed. :confused:
We had so much time and I was hoping for as many participating artists as last time (Halloween).

Dunno what didn‘t work this time, kinda sad now, hopefully next time we will have more participants again.


I’ll be in on the next one, this time I was just busy sorting out birthday/Christmas presents… And GCSEs seem to multiply homework by 100 times… Ah, hell.


Good luck everyone, I like all of your ideas :slight_smile: I do have a favorite though, hopefully it would win <3

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I did have an idea, I just could’nt get it on paper on time. But there are really cute ones here, hard decision to make😊


3 hours left to vote!



That mammoth hybrid is just so adorable!

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Thank u very much guys! :smiley:
I really hope next time more artists will participate. :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Congratulations, GermanRaptor! As well as to everyone who participated. :smiley:

Thx a lot @Ned :smiley:

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Very cute I just feel like it shouldn’t lose its tusks.