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7x MUST HAVE *Epic* Level Items

Hey so in my previous two posts, I’ve identified which Rares or Commons are worthwhile to have. These 7 Epics are game breakers as well, with 3 of the top items in the game ranking here! This means that a total of 14 must have items that are NOT legendary exist, meaning 40 other items can be a mix of legendary or various combos. These are also farmable items, so I highly suggest new players to seek these out, and ill list them in order of importance:

Item #1:


This is the Defacto MUST HAVE Epic Regen neck for Cleric. This is a game changer, once u get this, u can clear a ton of content. If you see this innocuos looking item, farm it as much as you can. max level reduces cooldown to 3 turns (it lasts 4 turns!)

Item #2:


Dominate. Need I say more? When you first get it, it sucks, it literally needs to be changed, but once you level it up, it changes everything. Pvp, PvE, just. Get. It. Oh and also level Bard up so she can survive long enough to use it…lol

Item #3:


Death Ward, your next game change. Cleric can literally Solo PvP with just this weapon. Just dont die in the fire. (WoW throwback: The epics are in de purple).

Item #4:


This sword, especially when combined with the next counter attack/taunt, makes most content easy peasy. It will also increase your pvp survival tenfold. Get it, farm it, dont look back. (I prefer this to his legendary weapon, but opinions may differ) This one is free and easy to get, so why not!?

Item #5:


This thing is just SOOOO amazingggg, the last level reduces cooldown to 4 turns, making it never endingggggg. AOE immobilize in 2 zones. PVP KILLER> great for special use cases in PvE as well. Keep those dangerous melee rogues, and barbarians away :wink:

Item #6:


This is my preferred method of giving Tommus counterattack. Opinions may vary, but at 1 below max level it is 4 turns and 4 turn refresh, making counterattack perpetual. When combined with items like the sword above, u can make your party near immortal.

Item #7 (Bonus):


This is a must have for Paladin. Much like Quaff for Tommus, this item will restore her, allowing her to then restore the entire party if she has the legendary necklace Judgment of Tyr. It also heals her. max level heals self for 75%, but proc chance remains 75% (Bummer) still awesome. She also has high attack, so your heal amount will be pretty high, and being so squishy, its a welcome addition!

Are there any other Epics you swear by? Any useful combos I missed?

Only 1 I might disagree with is the head gear for Farudah. For PvP I prefer her common 1 that reduces all opponents A.C… I have won many PvP by using it. But for pve her hold is extremely useful needed it to get by some levels.

Oh yes, her common helm is quite useful as well!