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8, 10, and 12 dino teams

The arena is dumb and boring. Fighting the same five or six dinos battle after battle is uninspiring and tedious. I have suggested it before, and am now saying it again. Make the teams bigger. My idea is this -
Player levels 1 - 14, eight dino team.
15 - 19, ten dino team.
20, twelve dino team.

Hey Ludia, look at it this way… people will want to buy more boosts.

On the player positive side, it will increase the challenge, perhaps reinvigorate a numb player base, let us use more varied and fun dinos we’ve worked hard to create… the list could go on.

Please, for the love of god, do SOMETHING!


I like the idea, if they will just do something like this.
1-9 no boosts and 8 dino teams.
10-12 boosts with 8 dino teams.
13-17 boosts with 10 dino teams
18-20 boosts with 12 dino teams.

My 2nd account is 18 and it would be good to have a 12 dino team at this point. I’m fighting in the player range of 9 to 13 and 13 is where I start seeing players super boosting T-rex, Sinoceratops, and Einiasuchus. So 13 would be a good point to expand to 10 where over boosting one dino won’t be the best choice.

I had managed to win myself into the player level 13 range with my none boosted teams and was starting to run into these over boosted dino’s. So I dropped quite a ways to where boosts are just starting and I can play with strategy again than defending myself from monsters.


It will be too expensive and time consuming to dump boosts into 12 dinos. Not to mention, a vast majority of the playerbase doesn’t have 4 dinos sitting on their bench ready to be used. This will not work, sadly.

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I have almost 40 dinos I have boosted. And I could field a team of 20 if I wanted. I think level 18 plus players have more available to them than you think.

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This would increase there selling of boosts which imo is a bad idea to do. It’s already hard enough and a few have left here, imagine they increase the demand of it. I like the idea of a bigger team used but it’s tough to picture with boosts. It would just have to be thought out and planned well in a way where it’s not viewed as getting players to buy more boosts lol.

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Some of us don’t buy boosts. We make do with what we get from strikes and battle incubators. Getting 4 more dinos to adequate boost tiers would be costly.


Never said it would be a fair system. Not Ludia’s issue if someone doesn’t/can’t buy boosts.

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Not exactly their forte…


I have wanted 12 dino teams for a while. I want it less now that we have boosts because I’m so heavily invested in my main 8. But still, i say bring it on. Something needs to be done and this would be fun. The arena is in dire need of more variety. I want to use other dinos but can’t because of boosts, but this would force me to work them into my team of 12 and I’d be able to use them.

With a 12 dino team, I would level some dino’s and apply the saved boosts I haven’t been using to them. The good part is I wouldn’t have to be ratted every other battle.

I have 3.8 million earned coins ready for use but since I haven’t been battling on my first account but once a month now, I’ve had no reason to level anything and burn through coins.

And then on my 2nd account I’ll only battle when I have the DBI mission and if I want the daily DNA which I have so far but I don’t give a :poop: about the alliance DBI’s. Even If I did get those daily, my alliance would not get past rank 2. I’m kind of burned out with those but I still manage to get MVP on most the exploration.

I say let’s think even bigger.

Why stop at 8, 10 or 12 when we can have a 24 dino strike team.

Then we will have the pleasure to level up and boost over 24 dino’s!

Imagine the variation we will have then…

Since it costs 254 boosts to reach tier 7 in one stat, it will only cost us 762 boosts pr dino.

We have 8 now, and I want 24.

16 new dinos x 762 boosts = 12 192 required boosts.

Let’s make it happen Ludia.